This unnamed man acted as the temporary vessel for the demon Alastair.


At some point after his first vessel was destroyed, the demon Alastair took this man as his vessel to kill two Reapers and break one of the 66 Seals.

As hunters Sam and Dean Winchester prepared to summon the ghost of Cole Griffith, Alastair appeared in this man's body, pretending to be a cemetery groundskeeper that found the two of them apparently performing a Satanic ritual. Alastair quickly revealed his true identity and knocked Dean out, but had no effect on Sam. Sam telekinetically pinned Alastair to a tree and attempted to exorcise him back to Hell, but Alastair left the man's body in his smoke form before Sam could. It is unknown if the man survived Alastair's possession or died when Alastair left his body.

When the Winchesters encountered Alastair again a short time later, he had chosen to forgo returning to this man's body and had gotten a new vessel.


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