Aliens are of yet unconfirmed species that may or may not exist outside of Earth.


Aliens have not appeared officially and are mostly regarded as fiction. Those who believed in aliens are seen as delusional or mentally unstable. Aliens are generally believed to be small grey men with big black eyes.

Curtis dancing with the alien 1

Curtis dancing with the alien.

Gabriel conjured aliens and used them to abduct a college student named Curtis. Curtis was visibly shaken by the experience, and recalled the aliens prodding him and forcing him to slow dance.

A leprechaun known as Wayne Whittaker posed as a UFO-specialist after being summoned to Earth. His kin, the fairies, began kidnapping all first-born sons in an incident that was believed to be the result of ailen abductions. The abductions also led to a gathering of UFO watchers, one of them being Sparrow Jennings.

One of the future prophets gathered by Crowley assumed Crowley was an alien at the meeting. Another prophet asked if they were on Crowley's spaceship.

A homeless man who witnessed JP's abduction by Hansel claimed the abduction was done by aliens.

When people started disappearing in Gunnison, Colorado, Dean Winchester wondered if aliens were responsible. The true culprit was a Bisaan.



  • According to Eric Kripke, there are no such thing as aliens in the Supernatural universe.
  • The Alien dancing with Curtis was portrayed by Matreya Fedor.