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Amelia Novak
Amelia Novak
Season(s) 4
Species Human
Status Alive
Family Jimmy Novak (husband)

Claire Novak (daughter)

Portrayed by: Wynn Everett

Amelia "Ames" Novak is Jimmy Novak's wife, residing in Pontiac, Illinois.


Season 4Edit

When Jimmy started talking about angels, Amelia thought that Jimmy needed help and even offered him medicines. She once returned home from running errands to find Jimmy's hand immersed in boiling water, unharmed.

She gave Jimmy an ultimatum: either he accepted to receive psychiatric help or she would take off to her mother's house with their daughter, Claire. When Jimmy walked away from her so as not to hurt her and accepted to be Castiel's vessel, she searched for him during his one-year absence but finally resigned and thought him dead.

When he came back, she was reluctant to allow him to meet their daughter. However, after Jimmy's claims were proven true by a demon attack, she apologized to Jimmy and escaped to safety with him and the Winchesters.

Jimmy had the brothers arrange a car for her to go back home. As the Winchesters, along with Jimmy, hit the road, they were called back and it was revealed that Amelia had been possessed by a demon and was holding Claire captive.

After being exorcised by Sam, she does not seem concerned for Jimmy when he dies. She presumably returned to her house in Pontiac, Illinois with Claire or to Carl and Sally's place, mentioned by Jimmy.


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