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Dean using the sigil.
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This sigil, once drawn in human or angel blood and a hand pressed at its center, can send out a fierce light that banishes any angel(s) within the blast radius. This sigil does no harm to the angels, it merely sends them back to Heaven, their vessels included. It also doesn't harm the vessels they occupy. This is, in a way, a weakness for the angels. It is said, that once the sigil is activated, the angel it is affecting, temporarily looses it's grace, so it cannot fly back immediately. They can't stop it, once in use. It can be activated by both humans and angels (in human vessels); it doesn't banish the angel that activated it. Castiel used a form of this when he carved it into his vessel's chest; this time he vanished with the other Angels. 

Since the closure of Heaven, the sigil has been shown to still be effective in banishing angels, but the fate and the destination of the angels once banished are currently unknown. Most think that it sends them to the opposite side of the Earth.

Castiel using the Sigil carved into his chest to clear a room of Angels
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This sigil was first shown in Heaven and Hell when the angels come to take Anna Milton. She drew this symbol and banishes them for a while. In some of the symbol's later appearances, the sigil had less intricate designs, but were shown to be just as effective.


Angel Banishing Sigil
A reconstruction of the Angel Banishing Sigil from its first incarnation.

Once Sam and Dean gain this knowledge, they frequently use it to defend themselves against the Angels. So far they have used it at least once every season except season 8 since it was introduced.

Another VariationEdit

In Caged H
Samuel's Angel Banishing Sigil
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eat, Samuel draws a modified version of the sigil and activates it, banishing Castiel temporarily. The sigil is diferent than usual "standard version" of angel banishing sigil used.

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