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Congrats Well, congrats. You discovered it. You get to name it.
Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is conjectural.


Dean using the sigil.

The angel banishing sigil, once drawn in human or angel blood and a hand pressed at its center, sends out a fierce light that banishes any angels within its blast radius. This sigil does no harm to the angels, it merely sends them to a different location on Earth, their vessels included. It also doesn't harm the vessels they occupy. This is, in a way, a weakness for the angels. Once the sigil is activated, the angel it is affecting, temporarily has its grace inactive, so that it is rendered mortal. As a result, it cannot fly back to where he or she was banished. They cannot stop it, once in use. It can be activated by both humans and angels (in human vessels); it does not banish the angel that activated it, unless the sigil was carved into his or her vessel's own flesh.


This spell was first demonstrated to the Winchester brothers by Anna in the season 4 episode Heaven and Hell. Dean later watched Castiel draw it on the wall in the Green Room to banish Zachariah. When Zachariah comes for him in the episode Sympathy for the Devil, Dean reveals to have drawn it on a sliding door and promptly sends Zachariah away using the sigil. He claims to have learned it from Castiel despite having first seen Anna use it. Following this, the Winchesters use it as an effective means of defending themselves against enemy angels, particularly in I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here and The Vessel when Dean is unable to defeat two enemy angels and Sam uses it to banish Lucifer. Metatron later attempts it on Amara to no effect in All in the Family.

Another variationEdit


Samuel's angel banishing sigil

In Caged Heat, Samuel Campbell drew a modified version of the sigil and activated it, banishing Castiel temporarily. The sigil was different than the "standard version" of angel banishing sigil used.

In All in the Family, Metatron used a modified version of the symbol on the Darkness. The main symbol had two circles on the edges, while the outside shapes were absent. When activated, the sigil had the same blasting of light effect, but was completely ineffective against the Darkness who was just amused by the attempt.
Angel Banishing Sigil 2

Lady Toni Bevell's Angel Banishing Sigil. Same like Metatron's but slightly tilted.

In Alpha and Omega, Lady Toni Bevell used a modified version of the symbol on Castiel. It has similar shape like previously Metatron used, but slightly tilted. When activated, the sigil had the same blasting of light effect and much faster.


Castiel using the sigil carved into his chest to clear a room of Angels

All angels are affected by it including the archangels.


Angel Banishing Sigil

A reconstruction of the angel banishing sigil from its first incarnation.


  • Anna Milton was the first to show Sam and Dean this sigil. Ironically, they would later use it against Anna herself in The Song Remains the Same.
  • In some of the symbol's later appearances, the sigil had less intricate designs, but were shown to be just as effective.
  • So far they have used it at least once every season except seasons 8 and 10 since it was introduced.
  • Castiel is the angel who is most banished by the sigil including once while Lucifer was in control of his body.
  • Dean has used the sigil the most, having banished angels five times with it. Castiel uses it three times successfully and at least once unsuccessfully. It is unknown if he managed to use the sigil he drew in The Rapture successfully or not. Sam has only banished angels twice.
  • While Dean has banished more angels with the sigil, the two times Sam has banished an angel has been a significant angel enemy: Anna Milton and Lucifer.
  • The fact that Metatron used this to attack the Darkness indicates that the sigil may affect more than just angels.

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