Castiel being exorcised

Castiel almost being banished from his vessel.

The Angel Banishing Spell is a powerful spell which Alastair nearly cast upon Castiel. It is unknown whether the only one being aware of such a spell, is Alastair, a demon known for his exceptional skills with magic and occultism, but thus far, he is the first and only individual to use it.


The spell functions similarly to an Exorcism and Angel banishing sigil but it is implied that its effects are much more potent, as an Angel Banishing Sigil only banishes an angel far away from its initial location on Earth, whereas the Angel Banishing Spell ejects the angel from its vessel and banishes it back to Heaven.

Considering that Alastair considered banishing an angel to Heaven as an alternative to killing them off ("I really wish I knew how to kill you, when all I can do is send you back to Heaven."), it is likely that the angel would be unable to return to Earth immediately, if at all.

The verses used in the spell are in Latin:

Omnipotentis Dei potestatem invoco
Omnipotentis Dei potestatem invoco
Aborro te ut
Angelum omnium obsequendum
Domine expuet
Domine expuet
Deum adempiremus veritas

English Translation:

"I invoke the power and authority of God
I invoke the power and authority of God
Worship Earth
This Angel in [Your] service
Lord, Reveal [Him]
Lord, Reveal [Him]
This Day God Temper."