This spell was used by angels to send a distress signal to their specific "flight group". This spell acts as beacon which emits a distress signal which only can be heard by the angel's specified group.

It was used by Benjamin, when he was losing to Lily Sunder, before his death.


The spell itself is Enochian. The spell itself required to be chanted repeatedly like a refrain so the distress signal could be heard by their group.

The following spell is:

Oh-law zeer ah tee-loh-kah.
Oh-law zeer ah tee-loh-kah.
Yar-ree fee-fee-suh, pie neez.
Nuh-nah-ee-luh zee-rum ah-duh-fantuh.
Nuh-nah-ee-luh zee-rum ah-duh-fantuh.


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