The Angel Tablet is one of three Words of God. It pertains the nature of Angels.


At some point, the archangel Lucifer obtained the angel tablet and locked it away in one of his crypts. This information was passed down only to Azazel, who then passed it down to his "daughter" Meg.

Season 8Edit

Years later, Crowley began pursuing the tablets. He captured Samandriel and tortured him until he hit his factory settings. This led Samandriel to reveal the existence of the angel tablet. This horrified Naomi, who believed no angel should reveal such information, since it would pose a risk to the angels themselves. She orders Castiel to execute Samandriel as punishment.

A hunt for the angel tablet begins. Crowley, who is in possession of Meg, tries to torture the information out of her, but she only gives vague locations. She tells the exact location to Sam, Dean and Castiel when the trio come to her rescue.

At Lucifer's Crypts, Dean manages to locate the tablet and free it from its rock casing. When Castiel touches it, he is set free from Naomi's mind controlling, but instead he is filled with an intense desire to protect the tablet at all costs. Castiel runs away with it, hiding from both demons and angels.

Both Naomi and Crowley successfully locate him, but it is Crowley who retrieves the tablet by removing it from Castiel's stomach. Now in possession of a priceless artifact, Crowley goes to see Kevin where he has the prophet held captive so Kevin can translate it for him.

The Scribe of God, Metatron, rescues Kevin. Having taken Crowley's half of the Demon Tablet, Kevin is able to combine the two halves and reveal the third trial necessary to seal the gates of Hell: cure a demon. Sam and Dean choose to cure Crowley and lure him into a trap, by offering to trade the Demon Tablet for the Angel Tablet. Crowley is captured, and the angel tablet is given to Kevin to translate.

However, while Kevin was translating the Hell Trials for Sam to complete, Castiel chose to trust Metatron and complete the trials necessary to seal the gates of Heaven based on what Metatron said. Kevin discovers from reading the angel tablet that Metatron's trials do not match ones listed on the tablet. Unfortunately, he is too late to warn Castiel of Metatron's deception.


The Angel Tablet destroyed.

Season 9Edit

Both the angel tablet and the demon tablet remain in Kevin's possession until Metatron orders Gadreel to kill him and retrieve them. Using the angel tablet, Metatron gains God-like powers. To stop him, Castiel and the newly-reformed Gadreel attempt to sneak into Heaven to destroy the angel tablet. With the help of Gadreel and Hannah, Castiel is able to break into Metatron's office and locates the angel tablet inside of Metatron's typewriter. Castiel then drops the angel tablet to the floor, shattering it and leaving Metatron an ordinary angel again.

Season 13Edit

After learning about the alternate Kevin Tran and his angel tablet containing a spell that enabled Lucifer to return to the Main Universe, the Winchesters realize that their angel tablet may have contained the spell as well. With the angel tablet destroyed, the Winchesters and Castiel bring the demon tablet before Prophet Donatello Redfield in hopes that as another Word of God, it has the same spell as the angel tablet. Donatello is able to determine that the demon tablet and the angel tablet do indeed both possess the spell needed to cross universes.


The Angel Tablet contains information on how to shut the gates of Heaven. The trials are never revealed. The tablet talks about the spell that can be used to permanently banish angels from Heaven and remove their wings. It described this incident as "heralding a new world order".

Uniquely, this tablet granted Metatron powers equivalent to God, making him immune to rings of Holy Fire. It took the destruction of the tablet to remove Metatron's powers.

According to Kevin, it is more difficult to decipher the part of the angel tablet referring to Metatron's spell than it is to decipher the other two and the rest of the tablet. He was only able to translate it into proto-elamite cunieform.



  • This is the only tablet shown capable of granting powers to the user.

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