Ann Marie was a waitress who encountered Demon!Dean.

Overview Edit

Ann Marie worked at a bar Dean was singing at. Although the crowd booed at him, Dean continued to sing and winked at Ann when he spotted her. She acknowledged him with a smile.

Dean and Ann Marie later have sex. Ann got up and put her clothes on, while worrying over what her boss, Daryl, is going to say to her for being late from her break again.

Dean reveals that they spent a long time together, much to Ann's frustration, who reminds Dean that she told him to hurry up. She admits however, that the sex was good, but Dean warns her not to get too excited or too attached, because he's just "rollin' through".

Ann Marie in bed with Dean

Ann Marie in bed with Dean.

Ann remarks that there's about a million other ways he could have said that. Just as she is finished tying up her hair, Crowley arrives and looks at them rather shocked. He asks them about what's going on, since they are in his room and in his bed. Dean shows no concern. They exchange "Bitch, Jerk", leading Ann to tell them to get a room for themselves.

Crowley reminds her that he had one, until the two of them soiled it. Ann tells Crowley she loves him, but when Crowley calls her "sweetheart", she reminds him that her name is "Ann Marie...jackass", which Crowley admits to already being aware of. Ann then leaves the room.

Back at the bar, Dean and Crowley are playing foosball alongside two other guys. Dean then spots a guy getting rough with Ann and dragging her out the bar. The guy's name is Matt, and Dean follows them and proceeds to beat Matt up outside.

He warns Matt never to go near nor contact Ann Marie again. Dean then storms back inside, leaving Ann on her own.

Dean later wakes up after another night singing and drinking at the bar. Ann approaches his bed and offers him a glass of water. Dean rejects it. He offers to take Ann some place else, but Ann declines, noting how they barely know each other and that Dean is drunk, but Dean mentions how he "protected her honor".

Ann admits to being touched by his actions, but she also believes that all Dean does is fight, and what he did wasn't based on honor at all. She says she once thought Dean was a good guy playing bad, but she's not sure.

Dean bites back saying he's the kind of guy who sleeps with every skank in every small-town dive that he passes through, and admits he would be glad if she was able to read that off of him. Ann is visibly upset, and almost feels like she deserved that. She promptly leaves the room.



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