Anna is a caretaker of Lady Toni Bevell's household.


Anna serves Toni and takes care of her belongings and her son while she is away at work. Anna seems aware about what kind of work her mistress does, but she is subtle about it. When Toni returns home from an unspecificed trip, Anna is there to welcome here and take her bags. She insists on referring to Toni as "Milady" as opposed to simply "Toni".

Anna had prepared tea in preperation for Toni's arrival. She informs Toni that "the boss" is down for his nap. When Toni is alerted of a major problem and must go to America, Anna prepares for her a handgun, in case her other gadgets don't work. She is instructed to inform Toni's son that she will be home as soon as she can.


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