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Annie Hawkins
Annie Hawkins
Season(s) 7
Species Human (formerly)
Status Deceased (killed by a ghost)
Occupation Hunter
Affiliation: Bobby Singer
Winchester Family
Portrayed by: Jamie Luner

Annie Hawkins was a hunter friend of Sam, Dean and Bobby. She never really had time for anything else besides hunting.


Season 7Edit

Annie is a fellow hunter who knew Sam, Dean and Bobby Singer, she had been sexually involved with all three of them (With Sam when he had no soul). Annie investigated a haunted house and received a call from a ghost there asking to be freed. So Annie decides to call Sam and Dean in as she heads towards the house. At the house she discovers the bodies of a murdered couple, and moments later is killed herself. Annie becomes a ghost, but is determined to solve the case. With fellow ghost Bobby the two figure out what is going on and help Sam and Dean figure it out with the help of another ghost.

She lingers in the house as a ghost and meets Bobby Singer there as a ghost as well. Later she is given the Hunter's Pyre and is put to rest. While she and Bobby believed that this would send her into oblivion, with the later revelation that ghosts that are put to rest are taken to their true final resting place, she is presumably now in Heaven.[1]



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