They can die. We can kill Lucifer.
Kali after using a fake archangel blade to "kill" a fake Gabriel.

An Archangel Blade is an Archangel's personal blade. It has similar appearance and characteristics of normal angel blades even though they are far more powerful than a standard angel blade, as they are capable of killing an archangel, thus making it one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. However the weapon is only effective in the hands of an archangel.


This weapon is a type of angel blade carried by an archangel, that can kill archangels. It's implied that it is a far upsurge when compared with the regular angel blade. However it's power is only accessible if wielded by an archangel.


Season 5Edit

This type of blade is first seen in the episode Hammer of the Gods. It's handled by Gabriel. Later, Kali takes what she thinks is the real blade, so that she can kill Lucifer. Later in the episode it is used by Lucifer to kill Gabriel when the latter tries to stab him with it. It is unknown what Lucifer did with Gabriel's archangel blade after killing him with it.

Season 13Edit

In Devil's Bargain, the Prince of Hell Asmodeus reveals that an "important errand" he'd had to run was to retrieve an archangel blade he'd thought was lost forever, their one chance at killing Lucifer and something to do about the invading Michael. A confused Arthur Ketch asks about the lore stating that the blade is only effective if wielded by an archangel, Asmodeus reveals a captive Gabriel.



  • It is unknown if Raphael's blade was a regular angel blade or an archangel blade.
  • It is unclear if there was more than one archangel blade. In Devil Bargain it is revealed that there was a second archangel blade. It is unknown how many archangel blades there are in existence.
  • During Season 5, the initial appearance of an Archangel Blade did not differ from that of any ordinary angel blade. However, in the item's reintroduction in Season 13, the Archangel Blade was redesigned to have a different appearance. The new blade has a more spiral, drill-like blade.
  • Although Lucifer was invulnerable to angel blades, Michael was able to extract his grace by using one, looking the same as a common angel blade. It is unclear if Michael used an Archangel Blade or not.


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