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I just remembered that when I was a kid I swallowed like, eight things of Pop Rocks and then drank a whole can of Coke. You don't think that counts as a suicide attempt, do you?
— Ava to Dr. Waxler

Ava Wilson was one of the Special Children, and had visions like Sam.

She was engaged and was abducted after discovering her fiancé's corpse. She had emerged victorious in many competitions against other special children and had learned that she possessed the ability of demon control which she used against other Azazel imbued individuals. She was formerly a secretary and a conservative, organized woman who was desperate to be rid of her abilities. Desperation for survival and a developed blood lust drove her mad with her advanced powers.

She was able to control the lower class Acheri demons which she sicked upon the other special children she would be pitted against, she had been approached by the yellow eyed demon Azazel in her dreams whilst at Cold Oak and over a course of five months remained alive by killing off all the other dozens of special children.

Ava was killed by special child Jake Talley who proceeded to snap her neck after seeing her attempting to kill Sam Winchester and learning that she had killed Andy Gallagher.

Season 2Edit



Ava arrives in Lafayette, Illinois

Ava is a special child like Sam and comes to him after having a weird vision about him. Like Sam, she can also see visions of the future. She had a vision about Scott Carey before his death, but was unable to prevent it. Afterwards, she has a dream about Sam. She sees Sam about to get blown to pieces after stepping on a trip wire coming to Dean's rescue.

A sarcastic Ava states to Sam "screw him" after Sam claims she's a special child part of a collective, she informs him that she's a secretary from Peoria. Sam promises to call her later. He follows up on his promise but Ava never picks up the phone. A worried Sam makes a gruesome discovery when he goes to investiage, finding Ava's fiance dead and Ava missing, sulfur left behind.

Sam and Dean investigate her bedroom and Dean is the one to locate the sulfur on the left side bedroom window sill confirming a demon had been to the residence. Her fiance Brady is covered in blood and on the bed with a slit throat. Sam discovers Ava's engagement ring on the floor and soon after, Sam and Dean had reported Brady's murder to the police as well as Ava's abduction.

Ava and Sam searching for the shooter

Ava and Sam search for the shooter

Missing posters had then been issued and her abduction and fiance's murder reported on television.

Sam and Dean had kept a missing poster of Ava on their travels from then on until the incident following the Devil's Gate opening and killing of the Yellow Eyed Demon Azazel.

Ava had awoken one particular night after having a premonition of Sam's death by explosion. She had been comforted by fiance Brady after awakening from the dream vision and then traveled to Lafayette, Indiana to find the man from her premonition who she found at Blue Ridge motel.

She had helped Sam recover Scott Carey's confidential psychology files after posing as a patient. From there she had accompanied Sam back to the motel and was shot at by Gordon Walker who had attempted to kill Sam.

Dean had arrived previously and from afar seeing Sam, was relieved to see his brother was okay. When he saw Ava, he thought she was sleeping with Sam. Dean smiled, calling Sam "you sly dog."

After Dean had intervened in Gordon's shooting and then been abducted himself by Gordon, Ava accompanied Sam to the roof he had commenced the shooting from. She had been told to leave for her safety from Sam and had departed in her car but not before telling him to call her and warning him about the trip wire and explosion death she foreseen.

All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 1Edit

Ava WilsonCap2

Ava in Cold Oak, South Dakota

When Sam was transported to Cold Oak, South Dakota, he is re-united with the "other" children like him. He finds Ava and tells her shes been missing for 5 months. However, Ava can only remember going missing for 2 days. Sam, being the only one who can keep the group calm, tells everyone they are "all in this together". Lily, one of the special children objects and tries to leave. About this time, Ava gets a strange headache and Sam asks if this has happened recently, suspecting. She tells him that she is just hungry. Moments later, Sam finds Lily dead, hanging on a windmill.


Ava and Sam reunite

Now night, the group is well aware of demons in the area. As the group tries to recover the well-needed energy, they awaken to find Ava missing. Splitting up, they search for her.


Ava pretends to grieve over Andy's death

Andrew finds her breaking the salt barrier around the window sill. A frightened Andrew discovers the truth and is killed by a demon. A nonchalant Ava screams to alert Sam.


Jake kills Ava

Horrified, he finds Andrew's dead body. He asked what happened and finds the salt barrier broken. Now suspecting Ava more, he asks her why she did it. She tells him its the survival of the fittest and that shes been killing off sets of 3 or 4 children at a time, and that she even was beginning to find it fun. She also mentioned that she has the powers to summon demons and that she was the one to kill Lily and Andrew.

She tells Sam she's sorry and summons a demon, only to have Jake come up behind her and snap her neck, killing her.


Ava was a Special Child and as such had some psychic abilities from the demon blood Azazel fed her.

  • Precognition - Like Sam, Ava has visions of things before they happen.
  • Demon Control - After giving into her demonic side, Ava gained the power to control demons. She used this ability to summon and control an Acheri demon to kill her fellow Special Children. To use this ability, she has to hold her hands to her head and concentrate, but it causes her great pain. When she is killed, her control over the demon is gone and the demon leaves.


  • Ava was a secretary in Peoria, Illinois
  • Ava's mother did not die in a house fire. In fact, she lives in Palm Beach, Florida.
  • Ava was engaged before her death.
  • In the anime version of Supernatural, Ava had telekinesis instead of having the power to control demons; she killed Lily and Andy with her telekinetic powers, and attempted to do the same to Sam, though she ultimately failed.


Also Checkout Edit

Eva - Ava Wilson's anime counterpart.

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