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SPN 303
Title Bad Day at Black Rock
Series Supernatural
Season 3
Episode 3
Written by Ben Edlund
Directed by Robert Singer
Guests Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer
Sterling K. Brown as Gordon Walker
Michael Massee as Kubrick
Jon Van Ness as Creedy
Previous episode The Kids Are Alright
Next episode Sin City
Episode list Season 3

Bad Day at Black Rock is the 3rd episode of Season 3. It premiered on October 18th, 2007.


The Winchesters are called regarding a robbery of their father's storage unit, and track down the robbers to find the item stolen is a cursed rabbit's foot, which provides great luck until lost, and once lost the previous owner dies within a week.


Sam tells Dean about his encounter with Ruby, although not about the information she gave him about the deaths of Mary's friends. Dean is angry that Sam didn't kill the demon, while Sam insists that they can use her to get information about the demons they are battling, as well Dean's deal with the crossroads demon.

A hunter called Kubrick visits Gordon Walker in prison. He informs Gordon of his discovery that, contrary to Gordon's belief, Sam was trying to keep the Devil's Gate in Wyoming from opening. Gordon states that he doesn't believe Sam is even human, and must be killed.

A phone call on John's cell phone alerts Sam and Dean of a break-in at a secret lock-up their father kept. Upon investigating they find a weapons cache, memorabilia from their childhood, and curse boxes, one of which is missing.

They use security footage to track the thieves, Wayne and Grossman, who have opened the box and found a rabbit's foot inside. Wayne was shot when he tripped a booby trap John had rigged in the lock-up. His luck changes for the better after he touches the rabbit's foot: his neighbor turns out to be an ex-Army medic who can tend his wound, and he wins at cards.

After Sam and Dean take the rabbit's foot, Wayne’s luck changes again -- this time for the worse -- and he is killed when he slips on a bottle and is impaled on a BBQ fork.

Sam calls Bobby and tells him about the foot. Bobby reveals that the rabbit's foot brings the person who has it good luck but when it is lost, the person will die within a week. Bobby promises to research a way to destroy the curse.

Sam starts getting lucky – a set of scratch and win cards yields thousands of dollars, and he finds a gold watch. When he and Dean enter a restaurant, they win a year’s worth of free food. However, when a waitress spills coffee on Sam, she uses the opportunity to steal the foot.

Sam’s bad luck starts immediately, and he slips and falls outside the restaurant. They return to the thieves' apartment, and interrogate Grossman about who hired them to steal the rabbit's foot and he gives them the name "Bela Lugosi."

Dean phones Bobby who tells them that Bela is Bela Talbot, a woman who knows much about the world of the supernatural and steals supernatural items for wealthy clients. Meanwhile, Sam’s bad luck continues as he steps in gum, and then loses his shoe down a drain.

With a lead on where to find Bela, Dean leaves Sam at a motel with strict instructions not to move. In Queens, Dean breaks into Bela’s flat, and manages to steal the Rabbit's Foot from her.

A series of coincidences have helped Kubrick and Creedy track Sam down and they capture him, but just as Kubrick prepares to shoot him they are foiled by Dean.

Bobby has supplied the boys with a ritual to destroy the rabbit's foot and its curse. Dean scratches a few more winning tickets, and then just as they prepare to burn the foot, Bela arrives. She demonstrates she is not only a thief, but also ruthless and a good shot, when she first threatens Dean and then shoots Sam in the shoulder. Dean distracts her and then tosses the foot to her. Bela catches it, and becomes cursed. Resigned, she hands the foot over to be destroyed. She leaves -- but not before stealing Dean's winnings.

Returning to Gordon, Kubrick now believes that he is on a mission from God to kill Sam. Even though Gordon obviously disbelieves this, he enlists Kubrick's help in planning his escape.

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Featured MusicEdit

"Women's Wear" by Daniel May

"Vaya Con Dois" by Mary Ford & Les Paul


Sam: I lost my shoe...

Dean: I'm Batman...
Sam: Yeah, you're Batman...

Sam: Dean, c'mon.

Dean: What? Hey, that was my gun he was aiming at your head. My gun don't jam, so that was a lucky break. Not to mention them taking themselves out, also a lucky break. (holds a scratcher out to Sam) Here, scratch one. C'mon, Sam. Scratch and win!

Sam: (scratching) Dean, it's gotta be cursed somehow. Otherwise, Dad wouldn't have locked it up.

(Dean grabs the ticket and checks it out)

Dean: $1,200. You just won $1,200. Haha! Whooo! I dunno, man, it doesn't seem that cursed to me.

Dean: Anyhoo, this has been charming, but uh, look at the time. Oh and this... (pulls out rabbit's foot) ...looks like you're not the only one with sticky fingers. If it's any consolation, I think you're a truly awful person.

Dean: Oh, wow! It's my first sawed-off. I made it myself. Sixth grade.

Bela: You can have the foot... for 1.5 million.

Dean: Nice. I'll just call my banker.

Kubrick: Don't play with my Jesus.


  • When Sam comes out of the restaurant and falls, you see that his knees are scraped and the jeans are torn. Later at the motel, you see that the knees are dirty but there are no holes.
  • When the army medic walks into Wayne and Grossman's apartment, Wayne shoves the rabbit's foot back into the cursed box. Then in a later shot, Wayne looks at the foot, and it is lying neatly on the table when no one had moved it.
  • When Sam and Dean are at the hotel after Sam loses his shoe, there is a brief shot of them walking where he has shoes on both feet. Later on, when he's sitting in the chair, his shoe is missing again.


  • In the real world, Black Rock is actually a neighborhood within the city of Buffalo, NY. It's not outside of the city as the episode would suggest.
  • This episode marks the first time Bobby uses "Idjit."
  • The 3 bumper stickers on Kubrick's RV are:
    • "How Would Jesus Drive?"
    • "Don't Make Me Come Down There - GOD."
    • "Bethlehem or Bust."
  • In the 1955 film, Bad Day At Black Rock, the main character arrives in a strange town called Black Rock to conduct important business and is met with several mishaps at the hands of its mysterious townspeople. He eventually discovers that there is a plot to murder him as a means of keeping the town's dark secret.
  • Dean jokingly refers to himself as Batman. Jensen Ackles would later on voice Red Hood/Jason Todd in the 2010 animated film "Batman: Under the Red Hood."

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