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Title Bedtime Stories
Series Supernatural
Season 3
Episode 5
Written by Cathryn Humphris
Directed by Mike Rohl
Guests Sandra McCoy as Dean's Crossroad Demon
Previous episode "Sin City"
Next episode "Red Sky at Morning"
Episode list Season 3


Once upon a time, Sam and Dean visit a strange town where mysterious deaths seemed linked to fairy tales. Meanwhile, Sam summons the sly and beautiful Crossroad Demon and threatens her with the mystical Colt revolver, which can permantly kill any supernatural creature.


We open to a new neighborhood community being built in Maple Springs, New York. The sign on the lot reads “Once Upon A Time...," a housing development, to be "Available this spring”. Three portly brothers are on the job site at night inspecting a late delivery, arguing about the building materials.

One of them hears a heavy breathing sound, pauses, and walks slowly towards the crane truck to investigate. He peers around the corner but sees nothing, and walks back towards the others -- then sees blood splattering across the windshield of their truck as one of his brothers is attacked by what sounds like a wild animal. The second brother is attacked immediately after, and the third runs for his life and hides behind a pile of bricks. When he hears nothing, and finally peeks out to see his two brothers lying dead on the ground, he is attacked himself.

Sam and Dean cruise down an open road on their way to their next case. It is important to note that at the opening of this scene a green frog is seen standing in the middle of the road, very suspiciously.

Inside the Impala, Sam is trying to convince Dean that now that they’ve got the Colt rebuilt, they can summon the Crossroad Demon and either force it to let Dean out of the deal he made to bring Sam back from the dead (All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 1), or shoot it dead ending the contract. Dean objects strenuously because he knows that if he tries to wiggle out of the deal in any way, Sam will lose his unnaturally granted life.

Sam reluctantly lets Dean change the subject to the mystery of the dead home builders, and tells him that this psychotic killer rips people apart with brute-like ferocity. If it is a werewolf, they’ve only got a couple of days before the lunar cycle stops forcing it to transform, and it becomes almost impossible to track down the wolf's identity.

Sam and Dean disguise themselves as detectives with the county sheriff’s department. They speak with the brother who survived, learning that the attacker was tall and had dark hair and a tattoo of the Wile E. Coyote cartoon character on his arm. They also speak to the kind and cooperative Dr.Garrison about the previous victims, and all he can tell them is that their hearts weren’t missing but parts of their stomachs, liver, and intestines were.

A tired and hungry young couple bicker as they try to find their way out of the woods, then come across an isolated house with an amazingly sweet old lady on the porch. She invites them in to rest and eat lunch and fresh-baked pie, and despite the girl’s misgivings, they go inside. When the visitors have finished a full meal and get ready to leave, they become weak and fall to the ground. The old lady looks at them with a grim smile, retrieves a large knife from the sink, and stabs the man several times. The woman screams hysterically but notices a strange young girl staring in at them through the window.

In their detective guise, Sam and Dean speak with the woman about her boyfriend's murder. She is as confused as they are about the harmless-looking old lady who simply turned psycho. However, she describes the little girl she saw: white dress, red bow in her dark hair, pale skin, appeared to be about eight years old.

The boys then search the murder site and find no traces of the sulfurous residue that demons leave behind, but high levels of ghostly EMF. Sam proposes a theory: that the murders are in some way a reenactment of  Grimm/fairy tales. The lost pair were Hansel and Gretel, lured in by a murderous old lady promising sweets. The three chubby builders, while arguing over how to build houses, were attacked by the Big Bad Wolf. Dean characteristically thinks it's a crazy idea, but it’s about all they’ve got to go on.

After spending hours at the public library, they find no records of any one fitting the little girl's description being killed, or who've gone missing from the town.

As they head back to the Impala, they stop when large frog appears in their path. Dean concedes the case may have to do with very messed-up fairy tales.  Sam looks up and notices a pumpkin on the porch of a house, and a mouse scurrying around it --all elements of the Cinderella tale.  Dean is creeped out by his brother's knowledge of  fairy tales. They enter the house and find a young woman beaten and  handcuffed to the kitchen stove. She tells them that her lunatic stepmother did this to her. As they rescue her, the dark haired little girl appears. Dean chases her, and when he asks her who she is, she vanishes. There is a shiny red apple where she stood. They deduce that  it is the symbol of poisoned Snow White, who fell into a "sleep that looked like death", and Sam speculates that they may not be looking for a ghost, but for the spirit of a living person.

The boys head back to the hospital and ask the nurse if there are any children in a coma in the building. The nurse tells them it’s mostly old men and then of course Callie, who is the friendly doctor’s daughter -- but she's not a little girl.

In the room the nurse directs them to, the boys find the doctor reading fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm to an unconscious adult woman with long, luxuriously combed black hair. When they inquire about Callie, the doctor urges Sam and Dean back out into the hallway, and sadly tells them his daughter has been in a coma since she was eight, when she somehow mistakenly drank from a bottle of bleach and her (now dead) step-mother's frantic attempts to help came too late.

The doctor is called away for a new emergency patient, and the brothers discuss what they've learned. They believe that Callie identifies with the victim in the Snow White story, that her step-mother "poisoned" her ("like that psycho mom in The Sixth Sense," Dean says, and Sam agrees it could be a case of Münchausen syndrome by Proxy), and that Callie went into a "deep sleep". Because no one knows the truth, her trapped spirit has become angrier and angrier, and finally learned to escape her failing body, while the stories she's recently heard her father read to her have given her an avenue to pursue her immature but potent vengeance.

Another patient is rushed into the hospital: an old woman who appears to have been attacked by a wolf, just like the construction workers. The doctor leaves to attend her, and Sam reminds his brother that the last story the doctor read to Callie was Little Red Riding Hood, and the woman’s granddaughter is likely to be the next victim. Sam says he will try to stop Callie while Dean goes after the Big Bad Wolf. However,we see that the man with the Wile E. Coyote tattoo has already arrived at a school in grandmother's minivan, just in time to pick up a bubbly girl in a red hoodie sweatshirt.

While Dean’s off hunting the wolf, Sam approaches the doctor and tells him the truth about both his wife and daughter. He explains to him that Callie’s an angry spirit and she’s killing innocent people, and that she’s longing for her father to listen to her so she can tell him the truth. The doctor is quick to believe, because he’s seen Callie’s little-girl spirit as well, but he thought he was dreaming. He wastes no time and sits beside Callie on her bed and lets his heart do the talking. He is able to communicate with her spirit and tells her that he believes now that she didn't injure herself, and that he's been selfish -- it’s time for him to let her go. The spirit silently agrees.

Meanwhile Dean is struggling to protect the granddaughter from the man with the Wile E. Coyote tattoo, who is savagely possessed by the idea he is the Big Bad Wolf. Once the doctor gives Callie one final kiss and turns off her life support, her body fails and her spirit is put to rest. The man comes to his senses right before Dean is about to defend himself by stabbing him to death with a pair of shears, utterly confused by where he is and how he got there.

Relieved, Dean returns to the hospital to report to Sam and the doctor that the girl was saved and the man is no longer a danger. Although the doctor is crushed about letting go of Callie, he agrees it was what needed to be done and is glad that no one else was killed.

That night after Dean goes to sleep, Sam sneaks off to summon the Crossroad Demon who made Dean's deal. As soon as she appears, Sam points the rebuilt Colt to her head, demanding that she let Dean out of his deal or he’ll blow her head off.

The demon says the contract is not negotiable, because Dean made it of his own free will -- and her boss wants Dean’s soul bad and he’s not going to let it go. Grim and angry, the formerly pacifistic Sam believes she’s bluffing and cold-bloodedly pulls the trigger. She falls to the ground and Sam glares at her dead body.

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Dean: "I'm gonna go stop the Big Bad Wolf. Which is the weirdest thing I've ever said."

Dean: "Dude, could you be more gay? Don’t answer that."


  • During Dean's fight with the man that was the Big Bad Wolf, several animal sounds could be heard. Several of these were big cat sounds such as a cougar roaring, and low growling.

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