Ben is a man Rowena MacLeod fell in love with.

Overview Edit

Tired of a life full of monsters and demons, Rowena seeks out a new, quiet life, starting with Ben, a man from Boca Raton, Florida. She describes him as successful, and who treats her "like a queen".

The two are first shown dining at a restaurant and sharing stories, with both showing genuine interest in the other. Unfortunately, they are interrupted by the arrival of Crowley, disguised as a waiter.

Since Ben is unaware of Rowena's true identity, Crowley has begun using threats to expose her to keep Rowena under his command.

Sometime after Rowena escapes captivity from Lucifer, she apparently breaks up with Ben and goes on to become engaged with another man.

Appearances Edit


  • In a deleted scene for LOTUS available on the season 12 DVD set, Rowena tells Louis that she left Ben after discovering that sex with him was "like riding a heavily sedated walrus."