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Ben Braeden
Ben hospital
Season(s) 3, 5, 6
Species Human
Status Alive
Affiliation: The Winchester Family
Family Lisa Braeden (mother)
Portrayed by: Nicholas Elia

Benjamin Isaac "Ben" Braeden is the son of Lisa Braeden.

Early LifeEdit

Ben behaves very similarly to Dean Winchester, who had a fling with Lisa nearly nine years earlier. While Lisa insists that Dean is not Ben's father, the similarities seem very striking. When Ben and several other children are captured by the changeling, Ben helps Dean in getting them out.

Season 3Edit


Ben bonding well with Dean.

Dean comes to Ben's birthday party. Ben appears to like cars, AC/DC, and chicks. This gives Dean the idea that Ben could possibly be his kid. Lisa shoots this theory down. Later on, Ben's Nintendo DS gets taken by some bullies and Dean helps out by teaching Ben how to take the bully down. So Ben gets his DS back and high-fives Dean, but his mother is not too happy. As they are leaving, Ben gives Dean a hug. Ben later gets taken by the changeling and Dean goes to rescue him. When Dean finds Ben, he busts the rest of the children out and Ben helps Dean help them escape. Dean returns Ben back to his home, but must leave town again, despite his fond memories of Lisa and Ben, and his growing attachment to them.

Season 6Edit

Dean and Ben

Spending time together.

Dean is now living with Ben and Lisa. Ben is about 11 years old and Dean is acting as his father figure. When a Djinn attacks Dean, Ben and Lisa are moved to Bobby's house for their safety. Ben also appears in Dean's hallucinations (one when they return to the house; the other, Ben drinking Azazel's blood). After the Djinn is defeated, Dean goes back for Ben and Lisa. In "Two And A Half Men", Dean, Ben, and Lisa move to a new home after the Djinn attack. There Dean catches Ben holding a gun from the Impala. Ben tells Dean that most kids at his age have held a gun and that he could help Dean in defending the family. He continues on by saying that Dean could teach him some hunter skills. This infuriates Dean and he yells at Ben, upsetting Ben to the point that he hides in his room for a couple of hours. He also calls Dean when Dean is working in order to get some advice on how to tell his mom he broke a vase.

Ben appears again in "Live Free or Twihard," when a now vampiric Dean returns to the house in a near-bloodthirsty craze, hoping to see Lisa and Ben one last time before he turns. As Dean is leaving Ben sees him and walks toward him, but Dean fears for Ben's safety and then shoves Ben away from him and runs away, leaving Lisa furious. Ben does forgive Dean and calls Dean in "Mannequin 3: The Reckoning". He tricks Dean into coming home so Dean will see Lisa going out on a date. This causes Dean to have a talk with Ben, telling him why he can't be with him and his mother anymore. But Ben is angry at him for "walking out on [his] family", which upsets Dean greatly but his mind is made up.

Later in "Let It Bleed", Ben hears crashes downstairs and goes down to see his mother being attacked, and her boyfriend killed. He quickly runs upstairs and calls Dean. Dean asks him what the attackers look like, to which Ben replies that he doesn't know. Dean tries to get more details from Ben, and tells Ben there's a shotgun in the closet. Then the attackers come closer, and Dean tells Ben to go to the window and jump. Ben is not so hot on the idea, but Dean tells him that broken legs are better then what the demons are going to do to Ben. Before Ben can jump, he too is captured.


Ben silently angry at Dean.

Dean later arrives on scene, killing demons and frees Ben and "Lisa". The "Lisa" (who is Lisa possessed by a demon) grabs Ben and puts a knife to Ben's throat. "Lisa" begins to lie about how Lisa hates Ben and how Dean really is his father. Dean manages to free Ben and Ben takes the knife. Dean begins to exorcise the demon, but the demon stabs Lisa's body. Dean continues to exorcise the demon, and once the demon is gone, Lisa is now slowly bleeding to death. So Dean gives Ben the shotgun and gives him quick pointers. Ben is still in shock but Dean snaps him out of it. Ben shoots one demon as they make their escape, then Sam shows up and takes the gun. Ben is silent for the whole car ride to the hospital, and stays that way in the hospital room. Ben is angry at Dean for putting his mother in danger (which was the exact reason why he left them), and he eventually leaves the hospital room, furious with Dean, and with the fact that his mother is almost dead.

Castiel then arrives on the scene and heals Lisa. Dean also asks that Castiel do him the favor of erasing all memories of Dean from both Lisa and Ben's minds, instead inserting the idea that Lisa was injured in a car crash. Dean is heartbroken by this decision, but knows that it was the best way to ensure their safety, and to ensure that they would both be able to be happy, even though he was not with them.



  • It has been noted that Ben shares many similarities with Dean (both physically and personality-wise) by fans of the series, causing some to believe that Lisa may not have been entirely truthful in her initial account of Ben's parentage; however, this remains unconfirmed by any official source and remains at present merely speculation. Dean recognised these similarites and repeatedly enquired about it.
  • Ben was born in May of 1999 and Dean had his fling with Ben's mother, Lisa, in August 1998, which is 9 months apart. Dean suspected that he might be Ben's father but Lisa disproves this.

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