Billy was one of the victims of Abaddon and Sister Agnes' soul harvesting plan in Milton, Illinois. He also served as temporary vessel of unidentified minion of Abaddon.


Billy is picked up while trying to hitch a ride by a man named Mr. Richie -- who is possessed by a demon. After he gets in the van, Mr. Richie attacks him, causing a white light to fill the van. Sometime later, Billy enters a diner where Sam is eating, and begins to eat the food off of another persons plate, when a waitress questions him he snaps at her, eventually attacking her by stabbing her hand with a knife, pinning her to the counter. Sam quickly disarms him and knocks him out. When Billy is placed in custody, Sam tests him with holy water, but when he gets no reaction he asks Billy what he is, but only gets the answer that he is "clear of everything."

Billy's soul is returned to him when Sam discovers Sister Agnes has been harvesting them for Abaddon, after killing her he is able to release the souls from their confinement, allowing them to return to their bodies.


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