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Biokinesis is the unique power to manipulate the life forces and energies; as well as chemical and cellular aspects of a physical body. (Note, any entity human or otherwise that can harm someone from a distance, still falls under Telekinesis. Unless the damage is from something else specific that can't fall under telekinesis.)

Pestilence can manipulate and generate illnesses, irritations, molds, infestations, and plagues. The Staff of Moses can generate the Ten Egyptian plagues.

While it's unknown if Eve, can create monsters directly. She can create unique supernatural chemical formulas to turn humans into monsters which she calls Beta Testing when she is perfecting here (formula).

Characters and Objects with this abilityEdit

  • God - God was able to cleanse Sam Winchester of his demon blood addiction and cure an entire town of a Rabid infection.
  • Archangels - Raphael stated that he could biologically torture Dean in a "more creative" way than Zachariah. Lucifer was able to kill a Secret Service agent by causing the man to have a massive cerebral hemorrhage.
  • Seraphim - Castiel was able to cure Dean in order to prevent him to become a Jefferson Starship.
  • Angels - Zachariah demonstrated this ability on Sam and Dean Winchester, by removing one of their lungs and giving the other one cancer.
  • Grigori - With just a touch, Tamiel was able to render Ronnie Cartwright blind again.
  • Demons - Higher demons possessed this ability.
  • Pestilence - Pestilence can manipulate and generate illnesses, irritations, molds, infestations, and plagues. He possesses complete Pathogen dominance.
  • Buruburu - Can inflict people with Ghost sickness
  • Ghosts (Limited) - Some ghosts have displayed a limited version of this ability such as Maggie Thompson killing her sister by inducing a stroke.
  • Staff of Moses (Limited) - The Staff of Moses can generate any of the Ten Egyptian plagues.
  • Witches (Limited) - The witch Patrick gave Sam gonorrhea as a "parting gift."
  • Reapers - One angry reaper gave his captor an advanced brain tumor. Another stopped the Winchesters hearts as part of her deal with them before eventually resurrecting them.
  • Eve - Eve was able to form new kind of monster species.

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