Panic Room

Inside the Panic Room.

Sometime when Bobby had a day off, he built a panic room in case of emergency. This room is ghost, demon and, more recently, angel proof. It was first seen in Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester, when Sam, Dean and Bobby are under attack by spirits. It is assumed to be destroyed since Bobby's house was burned down in Hello Cruel World by the Leviathans.


This room has only one entrance, with a solid iron door, soaked in salt, that locks from the outside. The door has an opening in it so you can look inside. On the floor of the room, there is one large devil's trap. There's another devil's trap located in front of the door and above, on the vent. The walls of the room itself are pure Iron, soaked with salt and later decorated with angel repelling sigils.

Inside the room there is a bookcase, desk, chair and a bed, including a weapons arsenal. There is a poster of Raquel Welch on the wall. This room was essentially built to survive, protect or contain any threats that come.



  • Ruby called the room "racist" towards demons.
  • Throughout its appearances, Sam has used it most, though mostly against his will.

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