Brigitta was a Djinn who appeared in Season 6.


Masquerading as a waitress at a bar, Brigitta infects Dean with poison by touching him. She pretends to be interested in Dean to get close to him, even writing a phone number at the bottom of a receipt. Her touch makes Dean hallucinate his worst fears, until Sam injects Dean with an antidote.

Later she and two other Djinn attack Sam and Dean. When she gives Dean a second, stronger dose of the poison through her touch, she tells him, "That's for our father," implying that the Djinn Sam and Dean killed in What Is And What Should Never Be was her father, and the other two Djinn with her are her brothers. Later she is overpowered and kidnapped by Samuel and Christian. Samuel tells her to relax because he's not going to kill her, then orders Christian to "get her in the van. Quick now, before the boys get back."

Brigitta is seen in a cell in Crowley's prison. She begs Sam and Dean to help her as they pass by, but there is no time. Later, Crowley enters her cell and she recoils from him in terror. She is spared further torture when Crowley must deal with the escaped Winchesters.

Brigitta's fate is unknown, however, she was likely killed by Castiel as he is confirmed to have wiped out all of the monsters in Crowley's prison.


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