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Cain and Abel are the sons of Adam and Eve and the ancestors of the Winchesters, making them a part of their bloodline, which proves useful in containing Michael and Lucifer.


Season 5Edit

The archangel Michael takes John Winchester as a temporary vessel. He explains to Dean that he has many potential vessels that are suitable to hold him because of their bloodline, which stretches all the way back to Cain and Abel.

Season 6Edit

Castiel, speaking of his early life, mentions his memory of Cain and Abel.

Season 9Edit

Cain reveals that Lucifer tried to corrupt Abel to turn him into his "pet." In order to stop this, Cain made a deal so that Abel's soul would go to Heaven and in exchange Cain's would go to Hell. Lucifer agreed on the condition that Cain kill Abel. Cain did with the First Blade and became a demon and the first Knight of Hell.

Season 10Edit

When Cain and Dean fight, Cain tells Dean that their stories are the reverse of each other: Cain's started when he killed his brother while Dean's will end when he kills his. Cain tries to kill Dean but is killed by him instead.


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