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Callie Garrison was a spirit that brought fairy tales to life.


Callie was poisoned by her step-mother with bleach when she was eight, and has remained in a vegetative state ever since. Her father, Dr. Garrison, keeps her alive, and reads her fairy tales. Increasingly frustrated that her father doesn't know the truth and refuses to let her die, Callie lashes out, causing a series of deaths based on the stories he reads her.

When Dean sees Callie as a spirit, she indicates that she was poisoned by her step-mother by leaving behind an apple. Sam has to convince Dr. Garrison of what Callie is doing, and when he finally accepts the truth, Callie's spirit is at rest.


Callie was a powerful ghost, following years upon years of frustration building on itself, and as such possessed several rare powers (for a ghost).

  • Reality Manipulation - She could bend reality, making real life play out like a fairy tale, or empower another being with enhanced physical attributes
  • Mental Influencing - More advanced than most ghosts, she could force others to act in a certain way, such as making a man act like the big bad wolf, or an old woman, like the witch in Hansel and Gretal.
  • Teleportation - Unlike most ghosts, she wasn't tied to one place, and could go anywhere.
  • Conjuring (limited) - Callie was able to create simple objects, such as an apple or a pumpkin.

Appearances Edit

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