Chupacabra is a kind of creature that was mentioned by Gordon Walker[1], Dean[2] and Sam.


Not much is known about the Chupacabra due to the fact that it was only mentioned. It is mentioned when Gordon tells Sam and Dean he's more of a go-it-alone type of a guy to which Dean responds with "Come on, man, I've been itching for a hunt" to which Gordon responds with "Sorry. But hey, I hear there's a chupacabra two states over. You go ahead and knock yourselves out."

It is mentioned again after Sam and Dean investigate the death of a victim of ghost sickness and Sam asks Dean what could scare someone to death to which Dean responds with "What can't? ghosts, vampires, chupacabra? It could be a hundred things."[3]

During a phone conversation between Arthur Ketch and Sam and Dean, Arthur tells them that their mother is busy hunting a chupacabra.



  • The Youtube channel Shaving People Punting Things uploaded a video featuring Jared and Jensen laughing at Ketch's pronunciation of the word "Chupacabra".


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