Clairsentience is described as senses able to detect supernatural energies, or sometimes as seeing the history of an object.

Characters with this abilityEdit

Primordial EntitiesEdit

  • The Darkness - She was able to detect the power of all the souls Dean has consumed.

Celestial BeingsEdit

Demonic BeingsEdit

  • Demons
    • Asmodeus - He was able to sense Lucifer's return and attempted to find Jack without success by detecting his power. Asmodeus attempted to use this power to locate Gabriel with whom he shared a "connection," but was unable to at first. Asmodeus eventually sensed that Gabriel was within the Men of Letters bunker.


  • Prophets
    • Donatello Redfield - He is able to detect supernatural energies of angels, demons, primordial entities and the tablets.
  • Psychics
    • Missouri Moseley - A psychic, she sensed two ghosts in the old Winchester house in Home. She couldn't detect they were there after the "purification", however, so it appears it may not be as strong as her telepathy.
    • Pamela Barnes - A psychic, despite being blind, Pamela displayed uncanny knowledge of her surroundings due to her psychic abilities.
    • Dede - She was able to sense a person's aura through touch.
  • Witches
    • Clea - She was also able to sense Rowena's Astral Projection.