The Trickster/Gabriel can create his own world.

Conjuration is the power to create or to uncreate something or someone from nothing. This is a very rare, and, if used correctly, powerful ability.

How powerful a being's ability to conjure things differentiates based on their over all power. Archangels, such as Gabriel, can literally create entire worlds with the snap of their fingers.[1][2][3] Witches, on the other hand, have never been seen conjuring much more than a few insects at a time.

Highly Advanced UsersEdit

These beings can create, uncreate and bend reality to an unlimited extent.

  • God - He created the entire universe and practically everything residing in it. He created the Leviathans, Angels, Souls, and Humans and even worlds and dimensions like Heaven, Earth, Purgatory, and Hell.
  • Archangels - They are even way more skilled with this power than Tricksters. Gabriel was able to play with reality and bend it to his will.

Advanced Users Edit

These beings can create, uncreate and bend reality to a great or very great extent, however they are still far bellow the top tier.

  • Jesse Turner - Extremely adept at this ability. Can will something into existence just by believing it exists.[4]
  • Tricksters - Can literally create anything out of thin air, and uncreate it just as fast. Gabriel, while masquerading as Loki, was responsible for several constructs. Mercury recreated a whole hotel in preparation for a meeting of pagan deities.[5] Loki was able to conjure a realistic projection of himself to interact with Dean Winchester. Though Dean could not harm it, the projection could harm Dean.
  • Eve - She was the progenitor of all monsters linked to Purgatory.

Moderate Users Edit

These beings can create, uncreate and bend reality to a mediocre extent.

  • Callie Garrison - She could conjure objects and characteristics of humans to fit certain stories.[6]
  • Howard - Can create creatures with fear-based magic.[7]

Lower Users Edit

These beings can create, uncreate and bend reality to a lower extent.

  • Witches - Witches can conjure maggots, blood or organs to appear on places or objects like food.[8][9]
  • Humans - Outside of witchcraft, humans can conjure beings with the help of certain mystical or magical objects and symbols like an enchanted coin[10] or the tulpa,[11] respectively.