Hey, hey, you stay, you fight, you die. And so do we. Look...he's gone. I'm sorry, but he's gone. Help us. Please.
Corbin to Dean Winchester

Corbin Tilghman is a man who was captured and turned by a pack of werewolves.

Background Edit

Corbin and his wife Michelle are interrupted from their honeymoon hiking by a pack of werewolves. During captivity, Corbin is bitten and slowly begins to change. Hunters Sam and Dean Winchester manage to locate them and rescue them from their captors, however, one of the captors shoots Sam.

Desperate to save his brother, Dean attempts to search for help while Corbin and his wife stay behind with an injured Sam. Corbin however, convinces Dean that they should keep moving because the remaining werewolves might return. The four manage to relocate to a ranger station. Corbin wants to keep moving, and believes Sam is holding Dean back, preventing Dean from taking him and his wife to safety.

While Dean is distracted and his wife is asleep, Corbin suffocates Sam, and seemingly succeeds in killing him. Dean is devastated, but agrees to move on at Corbin's insistence. Michelle soon realizes what he did but Corbin assures her that it was for her own safety.

By morning, the trio arrive at a local hospital, where Corbin's symptoms begin to appear and, as Dr. Kessler noted, Corbin's wounds are non-existent, unlike his wife, due to his healing abilities. Once Corbin fully transforms, he begins attacking people, starting with Dr. Kessler, and then Sheriff Ben Anderson. When Corbin attempts to bite his wife in order to be with her, Dean attacks him.

Corbin manages to get the upper hand and begins choking Dean, but before he can kill the hunter, Sam appears and shoots Corbin in the heart with a silver bullet, killing him.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Silver - Corbin was shot and killed with a silver bullet.

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

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