Daphne Allen was the wife of Emmanuel.


On a run in the forest, Daphne found a naked man walking around with no memory. Believing it to be God's word, she had taken him home and took care of him, and got married. Her husband also discovered that he had the power to heal and went around healing people in need; when people needed him, they contacted Daphne.

Months later, a demon broke into her house and tied her to a chair. Daphne was saved when Dean Winchester showed up and killed the demon. When her husband arrived and came in he untied her. Daphne told Dean that her husband had always been gifted. Dean told them that the intruder had been a demon and that he needed Emmanuel to save his brother.



  • The way Daphne discovered Castiel wandering along a river, naked, is similar to the Greek mythology, in which Daphne was a Naiad, a nymph associated with bodies of freshwater.
  • It is unknown if Daphne ever reported Emmanuel missing, or if Emmanuel even remembers her.

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