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This article is about a character appearing in the animated series, which is not canon. You may be looking for the live-action series counterpart, if any.

David is a character from Supernatural The Animation.


On the night of his and his wife, Molly's, wedding anniversary, David decided to take a trip along a snowy road, insisting that he knew where he was going, though once they passed the sign saying Highway 41, he began to doubt himself. Regardless, David decided to try to kiss his wife, despite the fact that she was busy driving.

Because she was distracted by David, Molly did not notice a man standing on the road before it was too late. Their car collided with the mysterious man and swiveled down and off the road, crashing into a power pylon.

Much to David's horror, Molly did not survive the accident. David was left to cremate her remains and try to move on. He eventually remarried during the process, and after 15 years, he felt he could finally let go of his first wife, unaware that her spirit had come to pay him a visit and let him go.