Dean's Amulet was a piece of jewelry given to him by Sam and, thus, meant a great deal to him.


The amulet has a metallic golden color and made of Brass. It depicts the head of a humanoid being with horns and tribal adornment. The amulet is worn using a black cord that easily goes over the head and onto the neck of the wearer.


Sam gives Dean amulet2

Sam gives Dean the amulet that was originally intended for John.

Season 3Edit

An 8-year old Sam got the necklace from Bobby, intending to give it as a gift to John for Christmas. However, when John didn't turn up, Sam gave it to Dean, who, since then, always wore it.[1]

Season 5Edit

Castiel, who was searching for God, turned up and informed Dean that the amulet that he wore was an indicator that could lead them to God; according to him, the head piece would burn hot in the presence of God. Dean handed him the amulet, albeit reluctantly, noting that he felt "naked" without it.[2]

After the brothers returned from Heaven, Castiel came back to return the necklace, stating that it was "worthless". Dean, possibly disillusioned by how all of Sam's "happy memories" were ones away from him, dumped the amulet into a wastebasket on his way out of the motel.[3]

Season 10 Edit

Although the original amulet is not recovered, at the end of a Supernatural play, Dean is given a replica which he hangs from The Impala's mirror.[4]

Season 11 Edit


The amulet starts to glow in God's presence.

In Don't Call Me Shurley, Metatron asks God about the amulet since Dean and Castiel had been around him when he was in the form of Chuck Shurley. God pulls out the amulet and explains he shut off its ability to detect him. God briefly turns back on the amulet's ability to detect him causing it to glow brightly before shutting it off again and putting it away. God tells Metatron that he would never believe where the amulet has been the whole time, but Metatron stops him before he can explain.

Later, after God ends the Rabid infection, Dean finds the amulet glowing brightly in Sam's pocket. Sam and Dean follow the amulet and are shocked when following it reveals Chuck Shurley as God to them. After God teleports them to the Bunker, Dean puts the amulet into his pocket.


  • When interviewed at Paleyfest '11, Eric Kripke has stated: "There are no plans to return the amulet," before jocularly adding, "It's doing a guest shot on One Tree Hill," referring to Jensen Ackles' past role.
  • The amulet is visible during the flashbacks of Repo ManBad Boys, Reichenbach and Just My Imagination.

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