King Crowley's bad dinner theatre.
— Demon Minion
in We Happy Few

This unnamed demon is one of few to survive Crowley's wrath.


Season 10Edit

While Crowley is throwing darts at a demon tied up, this demon along with the Messenger Demon approaches Crowley to inform him that Rowena is missing. Displeased, Crowley stabs the other demon with an angel blade while this demon looks on, fearful. Crowley makes it clear that he was "killing the messenger" and that this demon is not to return until he has news of Rowena. Terrified, the demon runs off to do as he is bid.

Later, after talking to Olivette, Crowley calls out for a minion and this demon approaches, fearfully stating that he has no news of Rowena. Crowley gives the demon a name and orders him not to return on pain of eternal torment until he has found that person.

Season 11Edit

Jervis and the demon at Marnie's House

Jervis and the demon at Marnie's house.

After fleeing from Castiel's attack at the James Brothers whiskey distillery, Crowley possesses Marnie and after an orgy, uses a Goblet of Blood to call for help from his demons. This demon and Jervis arrive at Marnie's house where Jervis assures Crowley that they have another team and a witch removing Rowena's Immobilization spell.

Noticing that this demon is unable to look at him, Crowley questions what his problem is and the demon expresses his discontent that Crowley barely survived an assassination attempt, is on the run from "arguably the most powerful witch alive" and Castiel and waited until after the orgy to call them. Crowley makes it clear to the demon that he apologizes to no one.

After his vessel is restored, Crowley returns to it where Jervis and this demon are waiting for him. The demon urges Jervis to speak for the two of them and Jervis reveals that there are rumors that the Darkness has been released. Crowley is skeptical until this demon reveals that there was also a disturbance in Lucifer's Cage and all of Hell thinks that Lucifer or Michael was trying to warn them about the Darkness.

Months later, after Lucifer reclaimed the throne and got kidnapped by Amara, the then-disposed King Crowley tries to regain his followers, promising to make Hell "great again". At least one demon laughs at his speech.

The demon at Crowley's gathering

The demon at Crowley's gathering.

This demon explains that Crowley is once again making hollow promises. He makes a list of Crowley's recent rundowns, including his status as the bitch of Rowena, the Winchesters, Amara, and then Lucifer. He adds that only a few weeks ago, Crowley had been cleaning the floors with his tongue.

He and the other demons get up and leave. He mentions how the world is ending, and Hell is ending with it, so there is no point in reclaiming Hell, unless Crowley has a plan to defeat The Darkness, which he clearly doesn't.

When asked why he came, the demon answers that they wanted to see the monkey dance, one last time.


Originally, this demon was shown to be submissive and afraid of Crowley, especially when he threatened to kill him as he did with another demon. Later on, he displayed a more outspoken personality when he directly questioned Crowley's decision to have an orgy before calling him and Jervis. However, he remained nervous, clearly preferring to let Jervis speak for the two of them and only openly questioning Crowley when Crowley demanded to know what was bothering him so much.

By the time Crowley had been forced to serve Lucifer and be publicly humiliated, this demon no longer feared Crowley and openly mocked the former King in front of his peers. It is implied that he has always had a negative opinion on Crowley, as he described him as a King who always made "hollow promises".

Physical AppearanceEdit

It is unknown what class of demon he is, but his vessel is an Asian man with dark hair. He generally wears a black suit, like most of Crowley's minions.




  • Alongside Drexel, he is one of the few recurring demons still alive (who have speaking roles).
    • He is also the only one of the two without an official name.

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