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A demon summoning ritual.
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This refers to a set of rituals that summons demons. There are several summoning rituals and they vary according to the type of demon being summoned.
One of many books that contain instructions to summon demons.
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Generally, summoning a demon would require several ingredients, fire, whether by form of candles or by igniting the ingredients, sigils, and most of the time, a Latin incantation. Although summoning a demon requires spellwork, and are usually performed by witches to draw power from demonic forces, demon summoning rituals could be performed by other people. Examples include hunters who seek to capture a demon, or, in the case of crossroad demons, even ordinary folk.

Crossroad DemonsEdit

This ritual specifically summons crossroad demons. This is usually done to strike a deal or, in the case of hunters, to retract or negotiate other deals or to capture a demon.


Ingredients to summon a crossroad demon.
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This ritual requires a crossroad and burying a box in the middle of it. The box must contain a picture of the mortal wishing to make a deal, graveyard dirt, and a bone from a black cat.


Unlike most demon summoning rituals, summoning crossroad demons do not require incantations--with the exception being the King of Crossroads, Crowley, who is summoned with a different ritual altogether. However, in Captives when summoning the crossroad demon possessing Snooki, Sam uses an incantation.

Any DemonEdit

The witch Trevor summoning a demon.
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This ritual summons any demon that answers the invocation. This was performed by a young witch named Trevor.


It required several lit candles, a bowl of mixed ingredients atop a symbol containing a pentacle or pentagram with what appeared to be a head of a goat inscribed within it.


The incantation was rather short and only one line was clearly audible.

Ad ligandum eos pariter eos coram me.

Exorcised DemonEdit

The instructions to summon an exorcised demon.
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This ritual summons a demon that has previously been exorcised. This ritual was described by a white witch to be the strongest summoning ritual she has ever seen.


It required a bowl of burning coal atop a sigil, the blood of the exorcist, the heart of a dog, and an incantation.


The incantation is in Latin, like most incantations to summon demons.

Tae invoco apro fundus inferni,

Specific DemonsEdit

It is possible to summon specific demons provided the summoner knows the corresponding ritual. 


John summoning Azazel.
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Azazel was the first demon shown to be summoned with a ritual, and by extension, a ritual exclusive to him.


The ritual to summon Azazel required acacia, oil of Abrameli, lit candles positioned atop the Sigil of Azazel, also known as the Sigil of Saturn.


The summoner must recite an incantation in Latin tAtte


Bobby about to summon Crowley.
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Crowley could be summoned through a ritual specific to him, although he could choose to appear with just a simple crossroad demon summoning if he was interested with the deal being made.


Summoning Crowley required several ingredients. Interestingly, the ritual requires the use of a sigil very similar to Azazel's. Lit candles must also be aligned with the sigil. A bowl of several mixed ingredients with the blood of a summoner is also required. The bowl must then be set aflame by throwing a matchstick into it.


...Et ad congregandum...eos coram me.


Sam uses a summoning ritual to call upon Ruby in No Rest for the Wicked. This ritual bears many
Sam about to summon Ruby
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similarities with the ritual John used to summon Azazel. However, the Latin incantation Sam uses is slightly different from John's:

Ad construgendum, ad ligandum eos, pariter et solvendum, et ad, congregantum eos,coram me.

The sigil Sam draws differs greatly from the one John used, depicting a circle within a single closed triangle, with three additional symbols drawn inside each triangle corner. The placement of the bowl of ingredients also changes; it is placed in the center of the circle. Only three lit candles are used and they are positioned on the tip of the triangle corners.


The witch Tracy summoning Samhain.
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Samhain could only be summoned once every six hundred years, the exact details of how he is summoned were not revealed. However, unlike all other demons, he required three blood sacrifices to performed over three days, the last one on the final day of the Harvest, Halloween. This is because Samhain was incredibly more powerful than a regular demon. His arrival was carefully prepared by two extremely powerful witches who were able to hide themselves effectively against angels. Summoning him also broke one of the 66 seals.

Special DemonsEdit


The altar to summon and control a Daeva.
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This shadow demon could be summoned by the use of an altar with a Zoroastrian symbol drawn in blood, candles, talismans, a card depicting the same symbol, among other things. Keeping the altar intact is important to maintain control over it.


This demon was summoned by a special child Ava simply through the power of her will and mind.


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