Demons disintegrating from the spell.

The demon bomb was a powerful demon killing spell found on the demon tablet. It was first discovered by the prophet Kevin Tran, while studying the tablet. The spell obliterated any demons in the vicinity, blasting them away with great force while disintegrating them. The effect was such that shadow-like scorch marks would be left on walls where the demons would have stood before they were destroyed.


The spell required several ingredients, which, according to Kevin, were not only rare but were also numerous. Some of the ingredients that were revealed were West Bank witch hazel, skull of Egyptian calf, the tail of "some random-ass newt that may or may not be extinct". Kevin noted that he was only able to perform the spell because Crowley's demons were working all over the world for him. Once complete, the ingredients had to be mixed in a bowl and a lit matchstick had to be thrown in. The effect of the spell was instantaneous and did not require any incantation.


  • A variation of the spell comes in the form of a bomb. This variation employed the same ingredients but was deployed by smashing all the ingredients into the ground.
  • Because of the portability and faster deployment of the variation, the bomb method was used more often than the first variation shown.
  • Additionally, the spell was also more frequently described as "demon bombs" or "demon TNT".
  • Unlike a few other spells, this spell affected every demon inside a certain radius.


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