Dimensions Edit

Throughout the course of the show multiple dimensions have been shown or referenced

Avalon Edit

Avalon is not an afterlife, but rather another dimension with a multitude of various magic using creatures, and also where Oz is located.

Heaven Edit

Heaven is the home of worthy souls and Angels.

Hell Edit

Hell is where wicked souls are tortured until turned into demons and also home for demons and other demonic spirits/entities.

Purgatory Edit

Purgatory was created to keep the Leviathans locked away, until the creation of other monsters and Purgatory became the afterlife for them too.

The NestEdit

The Nest is where Soul Eaters keep the souls they collect. It is a place outside time and space.

Universes Edit

Universes were either created directly or indirectly by God. Universes are most popular for God's recent species, Humans.

The EmptyEdit