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Doc Benton was a former doctor and serial killer. He needed to kill victims on a steady basis to replace his organs as his body decomposed. By doing so, he was able to continuously cheat death. He kept his formula to achieve immortality in his lab book.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Immortality - His method of immortality had nothing to do with magic, at least in the ritual/spells sort of way, only science which was apparently of his own creation. It's stated by him that there is a formula, suggesting that it was an alchemical procedure. He did however, steal other people's organs and body parts to replace his own when they ran down, or got damaged, this is most likely out of convenience though, as he can still act normally, when they are damaged beyond repair. He was also able to give others the formula, and thus his powers.
  • Super strength - Able to punch through a car window, and lift Dean up like a feather.
  • Pain resistance - Shown to not be able to feel much pain, taking several bullets in his back and chest, a knife through the heart, and punching through a glass window, all of which he took barely reacting.


Early lifeEdit

Supernatural: OriginsEdit

DocBenton COMIC

John Winchester vs. Doc Benton in the comic book Supernatural: Origins.

Doc Benton was once an ordinary doctor in 1816. He found the secret to becoming immortal, but years later he began to kill people to get their organs and body parts, since his kept "wearing out". A long time ago John Winchester cut his heart out using a chainsaw. This didn't kill Doc Benton though, as he was able to put himself back together and then continue his spree.

Season 3Edit

Benton is still murdering people, so Sam and Dean go after him. Although Benton kidnaps Sam, Dean rescues him and knocks Benton out. Benton tries to convince Dean he can help him become immortal and never go to Hell. Dean thinks it over and denies his offer, not wanting to become something that isn't human. Doc Benton is last seen being buried alive by the Winchester brothers.






  • There is some contradiction surrounding him in the John Winchester's Journal and Series. In the series, the boys bury him alive believing he'll never die. In the book, however, it's stated that if he cannot replace his organs he will eventually die. This implies that he will eventually die and not remain trapped forever.
  • Benton's appearance seems to be based on Frankenstein's monster. Coincidentally, his practice of stealing and attachping other people's body parts to himself is similar to the "harvesting" customs of the Styne Family, the show's "real" Frankensteins.

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