Donald "Don" Stark is an extremely powerful 800 year-old witch who is married to Maggie Stark.

Season 7Edit

Sam and Dean first encounter him when they find that the murders are connected to him. Exploring his house while Dean is distracting him Sam comes upon the tolls of witchcraft hidden in his wife's closet. Quizzing him about his wife he admits to the two that they are going through a rough patch due to his one-time affair and his wife took off a while ago for some breathing space. After leaving, the brothers surmise that Don is a normal human but has unknowingly married a witch who is taking out her fury on those involved in arranging her husband's affair.

After they visit him, Don goes to see Maggie, and the two talk. Then Don mentions how the two FBI agents visited him, and Maggie tells him that they're hunters. As he is leaving, he sees the statue of himself break due to Maggie's magic.

So Don decides to go after her. He uses his magic to ruin Maggie's paintings and kill her friend. Discovering the two are witches, Dean and Sam realize they have to stop them quickly before they tear the town apart in their war. They also find that the normal harmony between the two witches was actually beneficial to the town; making the area fertile and giving people good luck in business. Now that they are fighting the town is suffering from bad luck and crops are failing.

Maggie confronts Don about this, but Sam and Dean burst in trying to stop her but fail because ingredients for their spell were not properly prepared (not "chilled"). Maggie takes out Dean, and Don summons bees around Dean's head. But eventually he and Maggie work it out and let the boys go.

Don later saves Sam and Dean from a Leviathan by stunning him by unknown means. He had come to get Maggie's hex coins from their room as she was trying to kill them, because despite saving their marriage, the Winchesters did try to kill her.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Spell Casting - He's powerful enough to incapacitate Leviathans when caught off-guard and weaken them for days without much effort, as he did with Chet.
    • Conjuration - He conjured a swarm of bees and forced them to attack Dean with a gesture.
    • Telekinesis - Don was able to cut off a person's head by levitating a platter and hurling it towards their head with speed and force enough to decapitate them.
  • Immortality: Being 800 years old Don has been shown to live much longer than typical humans. Don is even potentially immortal.   


Appearances Edit

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