Donatello Redfield was a chemistry professor who became a prophet. He was originally an atheist before becoming a prophet of God.

Overview Edit

When a fog sent by Amara strikes his hometown, Donatello gets struck by a lightning bolt and becomes the sole survivor of the town. Dean and Sam come to speak with him at the police station and discover that he is a prophet, since he claims to have visions of The Darkness.

The Winchesters decide to bring Donatello to the Bunker. Here, Donatello meets God, much to his disbelief, and he also meets Metatron, who introduces himself as the Scribe of God.

Using his ability to see visions and sense The Darkness, Donatello joins the rescue mission for Lucifer since he knows where Amara is keeping him. Once Lucifer is freed of his bounds, Donatello, Sam and Lucifer rush back into the Impala and drive off, but are confronted by Amara on the road.

Amara attempts to destroy all three, until suddenly, the Impala and its occupants find themselves inside the Bunker, to which Donatello exclaims "WHAT, HAPPENED!?".

Exiting the vehicle, the three are greeted by God, who reveals that he had answered a prayer, and was therefore the one who transported them back home. With Lucifer safe and sound, Donatello bids the brothers farewell, but will keep his ears open if they need him again.

Three days later, Donatello gets attacked by Amara inside his house, who is in need of the whereabouts of God. Donatello refuses to tell her, so Amara absorbs his soul into her being, enabling her to know where the Men of Letters Bunker is.

Powers and Abilites Edit

As a prophet, Donatello developed special abilities. These special abilities led to a scar on the upper right side of his head.

  • Super Senses - Donatello was able to sense Amara's presence and when she was coming. He describes it as a 'ping' in his cerebral cortex.
  • Visions - He knew where Amara was holding Lucifer, and helped to guide the rescue team to his location.
  • Multi-language - Like Kevin, Donatello could speak and read ancient languages, such as enochian, even without learning it.

Appearances Edit

Season 11

Trivia Edit

  • Upon hearing his name, Dean compared it to a name from The Mutant Ninja Turtle series, to which Donatello corrected him, saying he was named after the The Renaissance sculptor.
  • Before meeting God, Donatello was an atheist.
  • He also never drank beer before, until Dean offered it to him.
  • He is one of the few humans who have actually seen God, Amara and Lucifer.

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