Officer Doug Lonnie Stover is the Deputy Sheriff in Cottage Grove, Minnesota.

Overview Edit

Doug and Donna were investigating a case where a man in a bunny head killed Stan Hinkle. When the police can't remove the bunny head from Mike Hooks, Sheriff Donna Hanscum asks for the Winchesters help on the case. When they arrive they meet her colleague, Officer Doug Stover. Dean wonders if there's some attraction between her and Doug, who bears the same name as her ex-husband -- but Donna denies it.

Donna and Doug are preparing to transport the tranquilized man, Mike Hooks, in the bunny head, to the hospital to get the mask cut off. When Doug offers to help lift him into the car, Donna takes insult to the implication that she'd need Doug's help. She tries to do it herself in an effort to prove herself, but Mike’s way heavier than he looks and she falls. Doug then tries to help her to lift him, but before they can get him up her phone rings. Donna turns to take the call from Dean, and while they are distracted, Mike stands up behind them. Doug notices the movement but before they can do anything, Mike pushes Donna aside and hits Doug. Mike then turns and throws the wheelchair aside and he pushes Donna to the ground. He picks up her nightstick and is about to attack her, but Doug shoots him, killing him. As soon as Mike dies, the bunny head falls off and reveals Mike's face. It is later revealed that Mike was possessed by the ghost Chester Johnson.

Later Doug helps Donna go around town to collect all the costumes that used to belong to Chester. They both then burn all the costumes they collected. Doug approaches her and Donna apologizes for the recent way she’s treated him. Doug says he understands, and says that everyone has baggage. He offers to let her call him by his middle name, Lonnie but Donna says Doug is just fine.

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Brendan Taylor previously played Man #2 in season 8 episode Clip Show. Brendan has also previously done uncredited work as set dresser on Supernatural.
  • Doug coincidentally shares his first name with Donna Hanscum's ex-husband.

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