This unnamed man worked for the Styne Family and accompanied Eldon Frankenstein of his mission to kill the Winchesters.

Overview Edit

At some unknown point in time this man started working for the Styne Family and received bio-enhancements from the family. This man and Eldon were ordered by Monroe Frankenstein to find the Book of the Damned and to kill the Winchesters.  

They managed to track Dean Winchester to a pizza place. As Dean was leaving the pizza place, Eldon and this henchman attacked him.  

This man grabbed Dean after he was knocked down by Eldon and put him in a chokehold. Dean managed to pull out a knife and stabbed this guy in the leg. After doing that Dean stabbed this guy near the neck and killed him. Dean then managed to capture Eldon and interrogated him for information though Eldon managed to escape. 

Appearance Edit

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