Family Feud is the 13th episode of Season 12. It aired on February 23, 2017.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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When Sam and Dean look into a murder at a museum, they learn a ghost from a merchant ship that sunk in 1723 may be at the heart of the mystery. After realizing "The Star" was the same ship that Crowley's son Gavin MacLeod (guest star Theo Devaney) should have been aboard, they enlist help from Rowena (guest star Ruth Connell) to track Gavin down. Kelly Kline (guest star Courtney Ford), still pregnant with Lucifer's child, takes refuge with a demon after an angel attempts to kill her.




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  • The episode was watched by 1.62 million viewers and got a 0.6 rating.
  • The episode title is a reference to a real American TV gameshow where two families compete to name the most popular responses to survey questions in order to win cash and prizes.
  • After saving Kelly Kline, Dagon tells her "come with me if you want to live" with her hand outstretched. This is a reference to the famous line from the Terminator series of movies.
  • This episode takes place around early March 2017 as the locket is stated to have been added to the exhibit six months before and the date for that is given as September 2, 2016.
  • The majority of this episode belongs to a negated timeline due to Gavin MacLeod's return to 1723 altering history and keeping Fiona Duncan from becoming a Vengeful Spirit. This is best shown when the Winchesters discover that the murders they were investigating have never happened now.
  • This episode reveals that Nick's body was restored by Crowley's demons so Lucifer could possess him and become Crowley's prisoner.
    • This makes Nick the first vessel used by Lucifer to be re-possessed.
  • Dagon reveals that Lucifer's unborn child is a boy. 
  • This episode is the only one so far to feature 9 different types of supernatural creatures: witches, ghosts, angels, seraphim, archangels, Princes of Hell, Knights of Hell (in a flashback), crossroad demons and rugarus.
  • This episode is written and directed by the same three people who wrote and directed King of the Damned, the very episode in which Gavin MacLeod arrived in the present.
  • Rowena finally gets her revenge on Crowley for the death of Oskar, whom she was forced to kill in the Season 10 episode Brother's Keeper.
  • The CW's official summary for this episode misspells Gavin MacLeod as Gavin McLeod.


  • When discussing the fact that the murders had now never happened, Dean refers to the Iowa as Ohio. This is a common mistake from people who aren't from the Midwest (Iowa/Idaho/Ohio). However, the Winchesters are from the Midwest, and have hunted in both Iowa and Ohio multiple times, so it can be assumed that this was Jensen's mistake, not a character error.
  • Crowley said the demons had studied Lucifer's Cage and crafted chains based on the Cage's design. This is inconsistent with the statement that the demons had been unaware of Lucifer's location and had no way of reaching him until Azazel discovered a portal at St. Mary's Convent.
    • So far, no one has been able to view the Cage's outer walls. The entrance has always been through spells or by using the rings of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
  • Sam stated that by sending Gavin back in time, Fiona's victims were brought back to life as they were never killed by a vengeful Fiona. However, it was Fiona's killings that drove Sam and Dean to investigate the case and ultimately contact Gavin in the first place.
  • In the previous episode, Lucifer was shown inside a cage dressed in a prisoner's garb. In this episode, he is shown chained to a chair wearing Nick's clothing and apparently, he has not moved from this spot during the six months since he arrived inside this vessel from the President's.
    • Even more strangely, Crowley is shown explaining to Lucifer how his demons had restored his vessel, right before receiving a call from Sam and Dean. This would mean Lucifer had been sitting in that chair without any explanation for more than two months.
      • Explanation 1: It's possible Crowley moved Lucifer between the two and simply never bothered to have a real conversation with him before.
  • Gavin reveals he was educated by a teacher. Previously, Gavin never went to school or studied because Crowley, aka Fergus was abusive. Gavin's lack of education led him to become illiterate.
    • Crowley used his powers to give Gavin the ability to read and write in 2014. Gavin is clearly shown using this ability while reading the list of artifacts salvaged from his ship.
    • What Mistress Aloway taught Gavin and when is never fully explained. Fiona's victims imply she was a regular teacher.

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  • Play with Fire by The Rolling Stones.


  • Dean: Need a favor.
  • Crowley: You. need. You? Turns out beneath the whole moron facade, you and your brother are in fact morons! You let Lucifer's love child live.

  • Lucifer: Oh my Dad. I love that. You and I both single fathers. I could use a little dad advice right now. When do you let them date?


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Supernatural 12x13 Promo "Family Feud" (HD) Season 12 Episode 13 Promo

Supernatural 12x13 Promo "Family Feud" (HD) Season 12 Episode 13 Promo

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Supernatural 12x13 Sneak Peek "Family Feud" (HD) Season 12 Episode 13 Sneak Peek

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Supernatural 12x13 Sneak Peek -2 "Family Feud" (HD) Season 12 Episode 13 Sneak Peek -2

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Supernatural 12x13 Inside "Family Feud" (HD) Season 12 Episode 13 Inside