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First Blood is the 9th episode of Season 12. It aired on January 26, 2017.

Summary Edit

THE HUNTERS BECOME THE HUNTED – After being arrested for the attempted assassination of the President of the United States, Sam and Dean must find a way out of an underground, government-run, detention facility in the middle of nowhere. Determined to find her sons, Mary and Castiel seek assistance from an unlikely source.




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  • Billie is killed in this episode. This marks the death of another recurring reaper since Tessa in Stairway to Heaven.
  • Sam briefly dies in this episode. This is his first death since he fell into Lucifer's Cage in Swan Song.
    • Dean previously died in Red Meat when he committed suicide so he could speak to Billie. Similarly, Dean had attempted to make a deal with her to revive Sam, whom he thought had died.


  • This is the 250th episode.
  • This was watched by 1.72 million viewers and got a 0.6 rating.
  • "First Blood" is a reference to the 1982 film of the same name, where Vietnam veteran John Rambo (starred Sylvester Stallone) is also pursued by the authorities through the woods.
  • The typewriter Mick Davies uses to communicate is similar to concept of the Selectric 251, an inter-universe typewriter and communication device, from the television show Fringe.
    • Selectric 251 itself based from now out-of-manufacture IBM Selectric II, which produced in 1971.
  • The boys spent two months in a Maximum Security (Supermax) Facility in Colorado, in which ADX Florence is located, ADX Florence is a Supermax in which terrorists (Eric Rudolph, Zacarias Moussaoui, Theodore Kaczynski, etc), spys (Robert Hanssen, Harold Nicholson, etc), Cartel Leaders (Osiel Cardenas and Juan Garcia Obrego) and a FARC Leader (Simon Trinidad) are convicted and spent in a 23-hours day in solitary confinement, much like Dean and Sam spent in this episode.
  • Rick mentions Sam and Dean making it to the list of the FBI's Most Wanted in 2011. This is a reference to the two Leviathans who posed as Sam and Dean and committed several murders across different states. They appeared in "Slash Fiction".
    • He also mentions that Sam and Dean were presumed dead following a shoot out in Ankeny, Iowa.
  • Castiel has updated his voicemail: "This is my voice mail. Make your...voice...a mail."
  • Wally refers to Mick as a "limey paper pusher". Limey is a slang term for a British person. The word was previously used in The Devil in the Details and Devil May Care, both referring to Crowley.


Seat belt on. I drive fast.
Mary to Castiel

We're the guys who saved the world.

You know, this world, this sad, doomed little world, it needs you. It needs every last Winchester it can get, and I will not let you die. I won't let any of you die. And I won't let you sacrifice yourselves. You mean too much to me, to everything.


Supernatural First Blood Trailer The CW00:35

Supernatural First Blood Trailer The CW

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Supernatural First Blood Extended Trailer The CW

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