This unnamed man acted as the recurring vessel for the archangel Gabriel.


Gabriel took possession of this man at an unknown point in time.

In all of Gabriel's appearances, he has been shown possessing this man. Through his illusions, he often disguises this man in the form of other individuals.

While he was initially presumed killed along with Gabriel in 2010, it was revealed that Gabriel was still alive in 2018. The still-alive Gabriel still had this vessel, but with a more battered visage and his mouth sewn shut.

Following Gabriel's rescue by Arthur Ketch, Sam cut the stitches holding Gabriel's mouth shut, but he still retained a battered appearance. Gabriel eventually healed himself and his vessel before killing Asmodeus.

Gabriel continued to use this vessel until he was killed by Michael. His corpse is seen lying on the ground of Apocalypse World.



  • It is implied that the vessel's appearance is not its original appearance as the vessel looks identical to Loki, whose identity and persona Gabriel had assumed. What the vessel's true appearance is unknown.