God's mug

God's mug is an object frequently used by God for drinking.

The mug does not appear to possess any supernatural qualities. The most unique aspect of it is the writing on one side, which reads : "WORLD'S GREATEST DAD"

This is ironic considering God's abandonment of his angelic children and the lack of helping humanity during times of crisis. He justifies these by saying his children disappointed him, and that good parenting requires letting the children learn by themselves.

The mug first appeared in God's Bar in the episode Don't Call Me Shurley, and again in We Happy Few. Upon arriving at the Men of Letters bunker, Amara kicked it into a wall out of annoyance, thus shattering it.

Trivia Edit

  • According to Emily Swallow, the actress who portrayed Amara, the crew had set up a target for her to kick the mug into, and she nailed it on the first try.
  • Emily also jokingly tweeted on Father's Day that she would not break anymore mugs.

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