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Season(s) 9
Species Angel
Status Deceased (killed by Castiel)
Occupation Fallen Angel
Affiliation: Herself
Host of Heaven (formerly)
Family God (creator/father)
Angels (siblings)
Gloria Lewellen Jacobson (vessel)
Portrayed by: Grace Phipps
"What’s an angel without its wings?"
—Hael to Castiel[src]

Hael was an angel that was cast out of Heaven by Metatron's spell. Since her fall and because of the loss of her wings, she no longer considered herself an angel. She made contact with Castiel, who was attempting to establish communication with the Winchesters.


According to her, she built the Grand Canyon when she was last on Earth. With Castiel's encouragement, she decided to see the Grand Canyon while being locked out of Heaven.

Season 9Edit

When Castiel had to change his plans to aid Dean, she attacked Castiel and brought him with her. She forced him to help her, as she believed that it was Castiel's fault. Additionally, she wanted to possess Jimmy Novak to use as her own vessel, because the girl she was possessing at the moment was starting to deteriorate. She argued that since Castiel was responsible, he was obligated to help her any way he could. As Castiel tried to escape by securing himself with a seatbelt and causing the car to crash, Hael's vessel was thrown out of the car, effectively breaking and disfiguring the vessel. Hael threatened to reveal Castiel to the other angels if he left her, forcing Castiel to stab her with her own angel blade.[1]


  • The name of her vessel was later revealed to be Gloria Lewellen Jacobson, a 19-year-old girl.
  • Her name means "The God" in Hebrew and in Jewish sources.



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