Harold Todd was the mayor of Cape Girardeau, Missouri.[1]


In 1963 Harold Todd was a young deputy in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, assigned to investigate the disappearance of Cyrus Dorian. Once he learned that Martin Robinson had killed Dorian, he decided to leave Martin free, as he knew Cyrus was also guilty of a terrible crime.[1]

In 2006, Harold Todd had become the mayor of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. One of his acts as Mayor was to bulldoze the old Dorian house. That act inadvertently caused the spirit of Cyrus Dorian to become restless and seek revenge on the people responsible for covering up his death. After the deaths of Clayton Solmes, Martin Robinson and Jimmy Anderson, Cassie Robinson pleads with Todd to close down the stretch of road where they were all killed, which is the only road in and out of town. Believing the deaths to be accidents, he refuses to close the road.[1]

Some time later, while looking at plans at a building site, Mayor Todd is run down by Cyrus Dorian's truck, killing him.[1]



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