Astaroth receives a hex to cough up pins.

A hex is a spell in which a witch performs malevolent magic on a target. The word hex comes from the German word hexe or the Dutch word heks (pronounced like hex) meaning witch.



A burger hexed to contain maggots.

Hexes vary from each other, from the procedure, the requirements, and to the effect, although generally, they are similar in nature and purpose—to harm or even kill a target. Hexes are powerful forms of magic because they could conjure creatures or organs out of nowhere. They could also create diseases or outright kill their targets by creating wide slashing wounds.

Amanda Burns receives a fatal hex.


Hexes usually require a medium like hex bags or coins. Each hex and their corresponding hex bags required different ingredients. While some require incantations, others do not. 

Known HexesEdit


As seen in Malleus Maleficarum, a way to interrupt a hex is burning the hex bag corresponding to it. Ruby knew of a beverage that can be drunk by the target to save them, in case the hex bag is not found.