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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is conjectural.

The Human Apporting Spell was a spell to banish a human from their current location, and teleport them away from the caster.



Sam being apported by the spell

The first user of this spell, Cuthbert Sinclair, took a pinch of green powder and blew it towards his target, Sam Winchester, reciting the Latin phrase "Abi, ab oculis meis!". After the spell was recited, Sam disappeared in a puff of smoke.


The spell could also be performed without the use of the magical powder, as Claudette, a Grand Coven witch, attempted to use it on Sam and Dean Winchester, but her attempt failed after Dean interrupted her, stopping the spell. Another difference between Claudette's and Sinclair's versions of the spell is that the first word in Sinclair's is "Abi" ("go" in English), while Claudette's is "Abite" ("you go").