Hybrids are a cross between two species, one usually human.


Jesse Turner was conceived when a virginal human woman named Julia Wright becomes possessed by a demon. She manages to regain control of her body long enough to exorcise the demon from her body during labor. She contemplates killing the newborn Jesse for fear that he would be evil but instead gives him up for adoption.

Jesse was adopted by the Turner family in Alliance, Nebraska. Jesse's adoptive parents spend a good deal of time outside their home with him mostly taking care of himself. He was unaware of his birth history or even of the fact that he is adopted. Despite his heritage, he is a fairly normal boy: he attends school, likes soup and believes in many common child-age misconceptions and myths, like the Tooth Fairy.[1]

Season 5Edit

After investigating Jesse's history and finding demonic involvement, hunters Dean and Sam Winchester call Castiel in for help. Castiel explains to them that the chaos Jesse has been causing is nothing compared to what it could be if he were to get angry. He then reveals that as the Antichrist, Jesse is destined to align with Lucifer and, "with a word", destroy the forces of Heaven (whether this is true is uncertain as its unknown if his power would be equal or lesser than Lucifer's, who Michael is the only angel stronger than him). Refusing to allow such a risk, Castiel resolves himself to kill Jesse, with or without the brothers' consent or help. Before he could be killed, Jesse instinctively transforms the angel into an action-figure version of himself.

Jesse with the Winchesters.

In the moments that follow, Dean and Sam arrive and tell Jesse that he is a superhero and they are going to train him in an X-Men-esque fashion. Julia interrupts while possessed by Jesse's demonic parent; she tells him the brothers are lying and that his whole life has been a lie, which angers him. She promises to show him a world without lies. Sam admits to lying to Jesse and promises to tell the truth - when Julia tries to stop him, Jesse intervenes by releasing Sam and immobilizing her so he can hear Sam out. Jesse is overwhelmed by the fact he's half-demon but Sam reminds him that he is still half-human and thus can still be good. Jesse promptly exorcises the demon from Julia.

Later, Jesse asks the Winchesters what he should do and they tell him it's his choice. He asks to bring his parents with him and they tell him he can but it would put them in danger because both angels and demons will be trying to find him. He says he's going to say goodbye to his parents but instead he goes to his room and writes them a letter, repairs the damage he caused around town (except for the dead), and vanishes to another place. He has not been seen since.

Season 6Edit

To combat Crowley's attacks on her children, Eve decided to turn every human into a monster, thus making every soul on Earth her property. To do this she settled in a town and began building the ultimate monster. Her first creations attacked a club, and started infecting others.

Since Dean Winchester was the one who discovered these creatures, Bobby Singer told him that he should get to name them. Dean Winchester named them after the band formed in the early 1970s. He stated that his reason was "Because they're horrible and hard to kill."

Ryan, the perfected form of the Jefferson Starship.

Eve's first Jefferson Starships were weak, and although possessed their powers, they burned themselves out, leading to her continuing to improve them, until she came up with what she believed to be the near the ultimate beast with the powers of many of her children, and extra intelligence, cunning and strength.

The several posing as cops, Starships captured Bobby, Sam Winchester and Castiel, however upon seeing a retinal flare in a screen, Sam realized what they really were, and a skirmish began between the hunters and the starships, Dean arrived, and discovered the starships weakness.

They managed to capture one, and through him they managed to track down Eve. However, the hunters were captured by Eve and her other Starships. Eve later on revealed that one of the children the hunters rescued earlier from the starships was actually 'the perfect beast'.The species was apparently completely wiped out by Castiel and Crowley's demons, as such they are extinct.

Season 8Edit

When Oliver turned 7, he started dying and coming back to life everyday. This freaked out Hayley and she went in search for "Shane". At the brothers' hotel room, Prometheus met his son for the first time. Later Hayley burst into the room carrying Oliver as he suffered a nasty fall from the swing. Prometheus then came to know that the curse affected even his son.

They summoned Zeus to break the curse on the boy, but things did not go as planned. Zeus refused to act on it unless he was released from the trap. Hayley, in desperation, broke him free. Zeus instead attacked the guys and proceeded to kill Oliver just to spite Prometheus.

Artemis, having a change of heart, decided to kill her father. But Zeus pulled Prometheus in the arrow's trajectory. Prometheus, then pushed the arrow through himself, killing himself as well as Zeus, breaking the curse on Oliver. Afterwards, while Dean and Hayley burned Prometheus' body, Sam offered to take Oliver out for ice cream, but speaking for the first time in a long time, Oliver declined.

Jane is a waitress at Eugenie's in Ojai, California, where Castiel and Metatron meet to discuss the trials. She takes their order and compliments Castiel's appearance.

Metatron then explains her Nephilim heritage and that in order for the trials to be done, Castiel must kill her.

That night, the two angels stalk her but Jane reveals she knows what they are. She begs them to spare her, since she is innocent, and Castiel hesitates as a result. However, when Jane attacks Metatron, Castiel stabs her with an angel blade.

Season 12Edit

After Lucifer took possession of President Jefferson Rooney, he had sex with Jefferson's aide and lover, Kelly, conceiving a child.

The conception of the Nephilim was felt by Castiel, who was miles away inside the Men of Letters Bunker. He and the Winchester brothers decided they needed to get rid of the child, as it was the "spawn of Lucifer".

After Sam and Dean successfully re-imprisoned Lucifer, Castiel took Kelly away to a diner. He pleaded with her to get rid of the child, informing her that it was not Jefferson's, but the Devil's. Kelly excused herself to the bathroom and fled the diner. As she rode away in a taxi, she insisted through a phone call that the baby was still hers, and she did not want to get rid of it.

After his mother was rescued by Dagon from angels trying to kill her and him, Dagon revealed to his mother Kelly that he was a boy. Elsewhere, Lucifer mentioned to Crowley that his son's power is a chip off the old block.

When Kelly began experiencing "weird little pains", she ordered Dagon to take her to a doctor, in case something was wrong with the baby. Dr. Turner could not find anything wrong with the baby itself, and Dagon ensured Kelly that the child was fine and he was going to become big and strong. The pains were in fact the start of intense, life-threatening pain that Kelly was going to experience, since birthing a Nephilim was always fatal to the human.

In The Future, Kelly only has less than a month left before she gives birth and is told by Dagon of the unimaginable horror the child will unleash upon his birth. In an effort to stop this, Kelly commits suicide only to have her child resurrect her. Following her resurrection, Kelly states that she felt his soul surge through her and that it was good, not evil though Dagon believes the child only brought her back to ensure his own survival.

After being kidnapped by Castiel, Kelly insists on the goodness of her child. Castiel is ordered by Joshua to bring Kelly through the portal to Heaven which will kill both Kelly and her child and scatter their atoms across the universe. As Kelly continues to insist on her son's goodness, Castiel asks her about if this is true, who will guide and protect the child after his birth since Kelly will die in the process. The child kicks moments later and Castiel feels it. As the Winchesters arrive, the child has a premonition of a conflict between Dagon and Castiel at Heaven's Portal and instructs Kelly to take herself and Castiel there, having chosen Castiel to protect and guide him after sensing Castiel when he touched Kelly's belly.
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Castiel is connected with Lucifer's son

At Heaven's Portal, Dagon kills Joshua and effortlessly defeats Kelly's defenders. As Castiel and Kelly stand hand-in-hand, the child empowers Castiel, causing his eyes to glow. With the child aiding him, Castiel is easily able to overpower a shocked Dagon and render her powerless. Telling Dagon to "call it a miracle", Castiel uses the child's power to incinerate the Prince of Hell.

Following Dagon's death, Castiel tells the Winchesters that it was both himself and Lucifer's child who killed Dagon. Castiel tells the Winchesters, who planned to remove the child's grace and leave him human and powerless, that he now knows that the child must be born with all of his power intact as he now has faith in the child's goodness. As they depart in his truck, Castiel tells Kelly that the child showed him "the future".

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