People who knew him describe Isaiah as having a stern and harsh temperament. Controlled his family with an iron fist. Wife, two sons, adopted daughter...
— Propietor to Sam and Dean
in Provenance

Isaiah Merchant was a barber who adopted a young girl named Melanie after her blood family had been murdered.

Isaiah and his family were killed by Melanie who was also responsible of killing her previous family. Isaiah was thought to be the killer of the Merchant family. Like Melanie, his ghost haunted the painting of his family, but he was more benevolent despite the legends about him. Isaiah was trying to use the painting to warn people about Melanie and point them to the mausoleum where her ashes and doll were interred where she could be destroyed.

His actions were misconstrued and led to him being put to rest when Sam and Dean tracked down and salted and burned his body. After Melanie revealed herself as the malevolent ghost, the Winchesters realized the truth and destroyed her.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Material Possession - Isaiah shared the ability to possess a painting with his adopted daughter Melanie and displayed the ability to manipulate the painting. These manipulations were undone when he was put to rest.



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