Jamie was a waitress at the Bavarian Beerhaus Tavern in Canonsburg, PA, during Oktoberfest. She was a romantic interest of Dean's.


Jamie worked at the bar with her friend, Lucy, where Sam and Dean came to question Ed Brewer about a possible vampire case. Dean asked her out, and she initially declined, claiming that she promised Lucy a girls' night. The following night, she saw that Dean was still around and went over to speak with him. She told Dean that he could pick her up after work.

When Dean did not show up for their date, she left, but became aware that she was being followed. Dracula cornered her and announced that she was his love, Mina, reborn. As he tried to come closer, she sprayed him with pepper spray and ran around the corner into Dean's arms. After Dracula escaped Dean's grasp, he and Jamie went back to the bar. Sam met them, and Dean showed him evidence he'd obtained during his grapple with Jamie's assailant; it was an ear (not human) and a medallion from a prop supply house. They deduced that the culprit was a shapeshifter. Dean asked Jamie if there was anyone who was new town in town, or someone who might be fixated on her. Jamie told them that Ed seemed to like her, since he always left her large tips. Sam left to check Ed out.

Jamie told Dean that she knew he was not really with the FBI. She guessed that his life must suck, considering all the stuff that he and Sam dealt with. Jamie and Dean continued to flirt, and were about to kiss when they were interrupted by Lucy. To Dean's chagrin, Jamie invited Lucy to stay and drink with them. As they drank, Dean realized that Lucy had laced their drinks, and that she was really the shapeshifter. He and Jaime passed out.


When Jamie awakened she was in a dungeon and Dracula was standing before her. He continued to call her 'Mina', and ordered her to put on a satin gown and dine on pizza with him, but she refused. Jamie told him that he couldn't make movies real. They heard a sudden noise and Jamie called out for Dean, but was knocked unconscious by Dracula. Dean and Sam burst into the room and fought with him. Sam's gun, loaded with silver bullets, went sliding across the floor during the struggle. When Jamie reawakened she grabbed the gun, then shot and killed Dracula. As he was dying he said, "It was Beauty that killed The Beast."

In the morning, as Dean was leaving, he and Jamie shared several passionate goodbye-kisses, clearly having spent the night together. (Thereby ridding Dean of his "re-hymenated" status.) Jamie thanked the brothers for saving her life. Sam gave Dean his approval by saying, simply, "I like her."