No one's gonna stop me from seeing my son again.
— Jane
Jane was a member of the Sacrament Lutheran Militia.

Sometime after Sam and Dean Winchester were rescued from a band of demons by the SLM and brought to their town, Jane's son Dylan was attacked and killed after participating in a siege wherein he saved Dean twice. Jane angrily blamed Dean for his death.

As Pastor Gideon spoke at Dylan's funeral, his daughter, Leah, went into a seizure and when she emerged from it, revealed to everyone another of her visions as communicated to her by the angels: Dylan would return on Judgement Day, along with all of their departed loved ones.

However, Leah soon received another message from the angels conveying anger because not everyone was obeying their commandments. Determined to see her son again, Jane shot Paul for being a non-believer and jeopardizing their quest to receive paradise. Jane was briefly worried that her action had upset the angels more, but Leah - in reality, the Whore of Babylon - reassured her that the angels understood.

Leah proceeded to instruct Jane and Rob to round up the townspeople determined to be "sinners," lock them in a storage room, and light kerosene to burn them. After intervention by Castiel and the Winchesters, Dean killed Leah with a cypress stake. This left Jane confused and saddened, wondering how they would reach paradise. Dean informed her that she was probably heading in a different direction.

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